9 CrossFit exercises to lose weight and belly fat

CrossFit is a series of training methods primarily aimed at improving strength and conditioning. It is mainly focused on Olympic-style weightlifting, but at the same time it consists of several routines that aim to develop various physical attributes such as endurance, strength, speed, coordination, balance, and more.

What separates CrossFit workouts from all other methods is that most of those who use it find it effective. Although the training provided in most routines is for strength and endurance, CrossFit is also an effective advocate for losing weight and belly fat. In fact, all kinds of exercises that are performed are aimed at burning calories and fat. So now let’s discover nine of the most ideal CrossFit exercises for losing weight and belly fat.

1. Cindy’s routine

Cindy’s routine is a full-body strategy that consists of push-ups and squats with body weight. It has a 20 minute time frame. It can be done the next day and the athlete must ensure that there is progress. This routine is an effective fat-burning exercise because it is short, fast, and works the entire body. It is specifically designed to add chest and shoulder muscles while allowing a high work rate for rapid calorie and fat burning.

2. Filthy 50

Filthy 50 is a very rigorous and demanding CrossFit workout that requires you to perform 50 reps with ten types of exercises. The list includes box jumps, chin-ups, kettleball swings, lunges, lifts, push presses, back extension, ball throws, burpee, and low doubles. This routine is obviously physically demanding, which also means that you can maximize the number of calories burned in a single session.

3. Pushups and pull-ups

This routine is done repetitively. You can start with the maximum number of thrusts and pull-ups you can perform and then reduce the number on the rep. This routine is also an effective means of getting rid of stomach and tummy fat.

4. Sit in L

Sit-ups will always be the best form of exercise for your abs and stomach. Like the L-sit, you can lose a significant amount of excess part in the midsection by performing a routine in which the body is supported by the arms while the legs are kept straight in front.

5. Double bass

The double bass is a jump rope routine that is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. It is done by jumping a rope and making sure the rope passes twice before landing. It requires a greater work capacity, which in turn translates into more weight and fat burned.

6. Quick run and pull-ups

You lose more sweat and burn more calories when you go for a run. Remote exercise routines are always an effective way to lose excess weight, not only that, if you combine it with pull-ups, you will improve not only your endurance, but also the strength of your arms and upper body.

7. Immerse

Diving is a good routine exercise to improve a group of muscles, not just one. For example, the ring dip routine gives you additional strength and balance while managing to stabilize the rings on both sides of your body. Upper body strength is the focus, but like the others we mentioned, it requires strength and power to function. This corresponds to tons of effort and sweat, causing you to burn fat and lose weight.

8. Dead lift + run

Deadlift and running are two powerful exercises that can certainly provide you with the proper means of losing weight and belly fat. In this routine, you must perform a series of deadlift sets and then run for 1.5 miles. This is done with repetition until it shows progress.

9. Double under + abs

We mentioned earlier about the benefits of double bass and how difficult it can be. If you combine it with abs, you will get the right combination to get rid of belly fat and make your abdomen much more attractive to look at.

As a final note, it should be remembered, however, that any type of exercise or exercise routine can never be considered effective when it comes to losing weight if it is not combined with a healthy and balanced diet. So do not try Crossfit exercises if you are convinced of a healthy diet.

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