A daily guide to making money with RuneScape!

In this daily RuneScape guide to making money, I will discuss a number of methods that you can use once a day (24 hours) to very easy money! All the daily activities that I will go through are extremely simple and quick to do and will result in a notable addition to your ever-growing GP stack.

Buy and sell!

All I will cover in this section is anything that can be bought / collected on a daily basis and sold for profit.

Free Bert Arena!

Requirements: Mission Complete: Hand in the Sand

Since you have already completed this mission, you will know where Bert is. (If not, it’s in Yanille!) So come over and say hi and receive your free daily install of sand on your bench!

So just sell the sand … duh!

Actually, if you have completed Lunar Diplomacy and have access to Lunar Magic, you can use reheating to make glass for even more profit.

Arrowheads / Wide Screws

Requirements: None!

I’m not going to insult your intelligence with a detailed description of what to do in this case. Just go to any master killer and buy the maximum (3k) of their stock of arrowheads and wide bolt tips and resell them on the Big Exchange.

You may have trouble selling them, but they will normally change to -5 / 10%. I suggest you watch the prices very carefully before purchasing a load of these bolts so that you definitely make a profit. You can judge the price you can sell by buying one from GE and then selling it instantly.

Profit: 100-200,000


Requirements: Mission completed: Lunar Island. Varrock tasks performed (more = better!)

Go to Lunar Island. Please make sure you have your Pass Seal with you, as you don’t want to piss off Baba Yaga. Go to the dirty chicken coop in a place Miss Yaga calls home and buy every battle staff (without orbs) she has.

Now go to Varrock and visit Naff in the staff store. Buy all their damn battlestaves too!

Profit: > 100,000

Go shopping for some raw fowl …

Requirements: Mission Complete – As a First Resource

Go to Oo’glog (the easiest way is to teleport to the Mobilizing Armies and then run east). Make sure you have some money and talk to Chargurr. Buy all your raw poultry packages and open Go the the GE and sell them for a small profit!

Profit: > 50k

Flax, Seaweed and Pineapples. MMM.

Requirements: Seers Village tasks completed. (More = better!) Not necessary for Arhein (pineapples)

To be honest, the benefit of this isn’t surprising (but it’s a benefit nonetheless!). I recommend that you do this during an agricultural run for Catherby.

At that very moment. Talk to our partner, Geoffrey (he’s in the flax field) ./ and ask him to give you the daily flax. Once you’ve done that, go talk to Arhein at Catherby and ask him about the seaweed and pineapples.

Work done.

Leave Bork.

Requirements: Decent levels / combat gear. Miniquest completed: The Search for Surok.

Bork gives you a negligible profit. However, offers you a host of charms and some gems as well, so it’s definitely worth killing it on a daily basis (cruel, I know).

I would suggest wearing a Ring of Wealth. This is simple because it greatly improves your drops (duh!)

The Ring Of Wealth gives you 3 additional crimson charms and 1 additional green charm, as well as 2 additional emeralds, 1 more ruby, and instead of a sapphire, you get a diamond! It’s worth noting that if you’ve completed all of the Varrock tasks, Bork will cut twice as much as it normally does.

A gift from a magician

Requirements: Ardougne tasks performed. (More = better!)

Winnings like this, Wizard Cromperty, are not really noteworthy. He’s in the north-west of Ardougne, and if you talk to him, he’ll give you some Daily Rune Essence.

It’s not worth much and I’ve mentioned it simply because it’s so easy to walk past a daily farm run and such, so you can also collect the money for free, no matter how little.

Rogue merchant

Requirements: Mission Complete: End of Summer

Head to our favorite place in the world: Grand Exchange. Buy 10,000 chained gold amulets. There is a rogue in a house south of the Varrock archery shop. The rogue will buy jewels for low alchemy prices (and will buy them noticed too!)

Keep in mind that it will only buy 10,000 at a time and that you can only buy 10,000 charms every 4 hours. For this reason, I recommend placing a large order so that every four hours I buy another set.

Never buy GE charms for more than 140 GP each!

Profit: 30-50k for 10k charms.

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