Adopt a bull mastiff today or hate yourself later

Originally bred in the 19th century by English rangers to keep poachers out, especially at night, the Bull Mastiff is one of the best watchdogs in the world. The Bull Mastiff is a 40% crossbreed of the English Bulldog and 60% of the English Mastiff, who are known for their tenacity, agility, loyalty, strength, and massive size. If you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood and are thinking about adopting a dog to keep the bad guys out, here are 10 reasons why a Bull Mastiff may be your best option:

1) Protection in the wild: Bull Mastiffs are devoted and protective of their master and family. As such, they can be defensive when they feel that a person or another animal is a threat. Although the Bull Mastiff rarely attacks immediately, it either stands between its master and the stranger or pin the intruder to the ground.

2) Huge Size – A female Bull Mastiff can weigh up to 120 pounds, while males are capable of growing up to 140 pounds, making it easy for them to knock down human adults.

3) Alert Watchdogs – A Bull Mastiff is energetic and alert, but does not bark frequently. However, if they feel the urge to bark, especially when strangers or other unfamiliar animals are nearby, their dark, hollow bark can scare off the intruder.

4) Harmless – The Bull Mastiff is kind to children. However, since they are unaware of their enormous size, the Bull Mastiff can accidentally knock over a small child. Under normal circumstances, a Bull Mastiff is harmless even if it attacks because it immobilizes an intruder rather than biting him.

5) Reliable “man’s best friend”: A mastiff needs human companionship. As such, he can be very attached to his master and family, making it easier for them to live indoors.

6) Kind to children: The Bull Mastiff is kind to his acquaintances. They also treat children like puppies, so it is possible to leave a child with this large dog.

7) Friendly With Other Animals – If socialized early, a Bull Mastiff will have no problem getting along with other dogs or animals in the home.

8) Obedient – A Havanese can be easily trained. Once the master asserts his authority, the mastiff can be extremely sensitive to his voice.

9) Fearless – When threatened, Bull Mastiffs can become fearless and protect their territory and family.

10) Good Look – Unique to the Bull Mastiff is the black muzzle that blends into the eyes, as well as the dark markings around the eyes, which give these dogs a unique expression.

If you have just moved to a new neighborhood, adopting a Bull Mastiff may be your best plan to protect your home from intruders. Adopt a Bull Mastiff today, or hate yourself later when your home has been broken into or vandalized. Prevent this from happening by making the Bull Mastiff the most trusted guardian of your home.

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