Bear Down Chicago Bears Ringtone

The Bear Down Chicago Bears ringtone is one that Chicago fans know quite well. This is a very popular tune that is played when the Chicago Bears play at home. The song plays throughout the stadium (Soldier Field) every time the Bears score a field goal or touchdown. Also, if they score any points, either on special teams or on a defensive comeback for a touchdown, the song “Bear Down” plays.

The Chicago Bears play all of their home games at Soldier Field and while this song plays throughout the stadium after scoring, they also have a couple of people running through the end zones with a big Bears flag. It’s a great scene to watch if you’re a Bears fan as the whole crowd can easily sing along to the Bear Down Chicago Bears ringtone. Whether it’s 70 degrees or even below freezing during some of the frigid games towards the end of the year, the crowd has no trouble getting every word right during the song.

Chicago is off to a good start this year when they beat the Indianapolis Colts in their first road game. The Colts are usually a pretty good team, so the Bears got a nice win against them, but then lost their next two games to put them on a 1-2 record this year. With pinch running back Matt Forte and his defensive unit healthy this year, the Chicago Bears can make a playoff run as they and the Green Bay Packers are supposed to be battling for the division title.

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