Bed Bug Inspection: How to Prepare the Room for Bed Bug Inspection

If you have bed bugs in your home, an integrated pest management (IPM) approach is best for solving the problem. Bed bugs are difficult pests to control. However, there are things you can do to treat the problem before the application of the treatment.

Once bed bugs are identified and confirmed in your home, there are certain pre-treatment steps you need to take. Preparing the room for bed bug inspection is essential to successful bed bug control.

A thorough inspection before any cleaning allows you to determine the extent of the problem. Prevents disturbance and spread of bed bugs prior to treatment application.

bed bug inspection checklist

in. Remove window shades and drapes and place them in plastic garbage bags and seal them tightly.

B. Remove all bedding, pillows, and covers from the bed and place them in plastic bags. Seal the bags well before transporting them to the laundry.

against Empty drawers, cabinets, nightstands, cupboards and tables and place your belongings in plastic bags. Seal the bags well.

D. Put clothes, coats, and shoes in plastic bags. Seal the bags well before taking them to the laundry.

me. Place all loose clothing (eg garments outside the dresser) in plastic bags and wash according to the washing instructions below.

F. Remove all items from under the bed and on the floor and place them in plastic garbage bags and seal them tightly.

gram. Place all non-washable items (eg, plastic toys, books, electronics) in plastic bags for inspection and seal tightly.

H. Remove all fabric and plush items, except plush furniture, place in plastic bags and seal tightly.

I. Remove and wash pillows from high-end furniture if possible.

D. Pull all furniture a minimum of 18 inches from the wall.

k. Remove outlet covers, wall switch plates, phone jack plates, and light switch covers.

l Remove all wall hangings (eg picture frames, mirrors) and clean and treat items.

Mister. Remove the TV from the wall unit, if applicable. Keep all electrical equipment in treatment areas.

no. If there are heating or air conditioning units near the bed, remove the front panel for inspection.

Y. Undo the rugs at the junction of the wall and floor. Do not remove the rug from the room.

P. Remove all wall mounted items and place in a plastic bag for inspection.

q. Remove covers from electrical outlets and switch plates.

A. Put books, magazines, notepads and files, etc. in a bag for inspection.

yes Remove everything from the floor to allow for a thorough inspection.

t. Pets and humans must leave the area during treatment and wait outside the area for at least 4 hours after treatment.

you If you have a fish tank at home, cover it with a towel or plastic because it is extremely sensitive to pesticides.

v. Clean all bedding and other items and isolate them until the bed bug problem is resolved.

w. Make sure you have access to the bed, closet, all furniture, and baseboard for inspection and treatment.

X. Remove baseboard from wall when possible.

Y. Dispose of all plastic bags used to transport infested items in an outside trash can.

Washing instructions

Wash all washable items (eg, bedding, pillowcases, plush cushions, etc.) in hot water (>60°C or 140°F). [thermal death point rate]) and then place the washed items in the dryer and adjust the temperature to the point of heat death for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Place items in plastic garbage bags after drying and seal bags tightly. Keep all washed items out of the infested room until the infestation problem has been resolved.

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