Blooming in Paris through Parisian life

Being in Paris gives you a feeling of being impressive. Whether you are in an alley or on the main road or on the sidewalk, there are people with a touch of elegance in them. Various cafes and restaurants will allow you to increase your appetite. It is the feeling of being in the middle of history and modern fashion.

There are mysterious unknown places to discover like Catacombs underground tunnels with WWII prints which has aesthetically placed bones and skeletons and is said to have around 6 to 7 million bones of people who were killed during the French revolution and has a look at a graveyard. You would have to wait in line unless you get a pre-booked golden ticket from the ticket section to skip the line online. It costs about 40 US dollars but the place is worth visiting. This place is 20 meters underground with a temperature of 14 degrees. It was built in the 12th century with lime stones and gives you the feeling of being in a mine. We need to be there with a local tour guide.

If anyone is curious where to find the best French bread baguettes and pastries in town or wants to check out Maison Kaiser, the award-winning bakery that serves bread to the president. You have to walk the streets of Paris with a list of the best bakeries.

Le Grenier a Pain is one of the best bakeries in Paris and has received several awards. There is a bakery in every corner of the city.

Traffic here is moderate, but we may feel a bit loud and crowded at times. There would be scooters and cars that would cross from the alley and the roads even though there are lanes. In general, it is quite safe to cross the lanes through signs. There would be an electric pole where you can push the red and green button, which is for pedestrians and vehicles to stop and wait at a periodic time.There are cafes around the corner where you can have a baguette latte and watch pass people. . Like a cherry on top, you will find a free Wi-Fi connection around each restaurant and seating areas for lots of communication and uploading of videos and pictures with your friends.

Chateau de Versailles has a fireworks show that was previously prohibited. Louis XIV, the king of France, loved to be called the king of the sun, so the palace is full of equipment that looks like a sun and even the garden can give you a glimpse.

Living in Paris can cost you a fortune. Many people go for very small rooms unless they are a billionaire and want to spend their money. Try asking French citizens who have lived here for several years for moderate housing because a large room or apartment can cost you between 300 and 400 euros. It all depends on the facility and the area. The Champs Elysees is the most expensive area where a room can cost you 105 euros with a separate kitchen and a large bedroom. So choose wisely. Find a youth hostel or Airbnb through websites like couch surfing and reserve your spot there in advance.

Paris has many varieties of food, but it is obviously rich, colorful, tasty and made with the best ingredients.

You’ll get plenty of variety, but the best is the French onion soup with raisin bread, steak, seaweed, fries, and falafel. There is this item called Crepes and Croissant. It comes in varied varieties such as almond chocolate. Going to the Latin Quarter, you will find items ranging from seafood, duck breast, french fries, sausage, ham, bacon, eggs, and just awesome veggies. You can have a 3-course meal menu with ten or sixteen euros. The choice is yours. You could choose between salad, fries, and ham or sausage. (Only if you are not a vegetarian) Not forgetting the baguette and cheese that accompany a cup of coffee this place is very similar to the Indian street food area where we enjoy our spicy delicacies. Don’t forget to try the Chocolate Fondue, especially the bean with vanilla cream. You can learn the recipe from your hosts. Cheese is what will melt your mouth with its flavor that ranges from parmesan to mozzarella.

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