Can snakes love you back?

Do snakes feel? Most people would not agree. Snakes have a stigma attached to them for being mindless, cold-blooded animals. They are cold-blooded to be sure, but ask anyone who has been around snakes for a long time and they will probably tell you otherwise.

I have had snakes for over ten years. As well as having been close to them growing up as well. Snake experience will tell you otherwise.

They are as aware of the world around them as any other animal. Most people won’t hesitate to know if their dog or cat has feelings for them. Most likely the answer is yes.

And oddly enough, snakes can be the same way. They learn to recognize their owner or any other person who handles them frequently. And they react differently to strangers than they would to their owners.

I have even heard stories of people having poisonous snakes. And at one time or another they were able to handle them without some kind of safety device. The snakes felt comfortable being manipulated by them.

I currently have three snakes. One of which, I’ve had since I was young, about 10 years ago. He will be the first snake anyone knows to dispel the myth that snakes don’t feel.

He loves to go out and crawl with me. I’ll take him outside on nice warm days, and he follows me wherever he wants me to go. Yes, he actually he looks for me and he comes towards me. Like a dog.

People are surprised when I give him kisses and move him easily. He is not afraid of me and knows who I am.

I help him move when he doesn’t come out in one piece (it doesn’t happen very often) and he even seems to enjoy it.

But on the other hand, he is very nervous around new people. People he doesn’t recognize. And it’s not like he bites. He hasn’t even yelled at me in his entire life. But he notices that he is uncomfortable and tries to escape.

Now, I’m not saying that my snake is exactly like a dog when it comes to feelings. He is a completely different creature and comes with a different personality and mindset. But in my experience, yes, he loves me in a serpentine way.

Not all snakes will be like this. Snakes are like humans, in that they all have different personalities. Some will always be in a bad mood. They can calm down a bit, but they will always have that advantage.

Some are very docile and couldn’t care less. And everything else. Their personalities are as diverse as any other animal, including humans.

So even if you get a snake, don’t expect it to turn into the friendliest reptile in the world. You have to learn their ticks and personality. And they have to learn that you are not a threat, but a companion and caretaker.

Handle your snake well and take good care of it, and yes, they will show you their appreciation. It is not as obvious as a dog or a cat. They don’t purr or lick you.

But in their serpentine way, yes, snakes can love you back.

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