Can wearing contact lenses over time make you look older?

Many people wear contact lenses for the convenience of this vision aid. People like the fact that once the lenses are inserted into your eyes, they are invisible, allowing you to see clearly and without cumbersome glasses. However, did you know that prolonged contact lens wear can have an unexpected negative effect on your personal appearance? For example, according to a study by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, wearing contact lenses can contribute to an increase in an eye problem called droopy eyelids, also known as ptosis.

This scientific study evaluated the level of droopy eyelids in 96 pairs of identical twins who wore contact lenses annually between 2008 and 2010. One of the twins wore contact lenses while the other did not. They were evaluated according to 9 different environmental factors for this eye problem, including a questionnaire and the use of photographs to compare and contrast the level of drooping eyelids in each twin.

The results of the study showed that contact lenses cause droopy eyelids, regardless of whether the type of contact lenses are soft or hard. The study results revealed an average difference in drooping eyelids between the twins of 0.5 millimeters. The results in the twins who did not wear contact lenses showed only a minimal degree of drooping eyelids to 1.0 millimeters. The difference in terms of the degree of drooping eyelids in the twins wearing soft contact lenses was 1.41 millimeters. The drop increased to 1.81 millimeters for the twins who wore hard lenses.

Additional factors used to assess the difference in the degree of droopy eyelids included the following: smoking, sun exposure, alcohol use, work-related stress, and sleep. It should be noted that these environmental factors did not have a significant impact on the degree of drooping eyelids. Bahman Guyuron, a Cleveland Ohio plastic surgeon, said the study was able to determine that contact lens wear, excluding factors associated with genes and aging, was the leading cause of droopy eyelids.

Guyuron found in this study that droopy eyelids were not associated with sagging skin on the eyelids, but rather with the negative effects of contact lens wear as a result of weakening of the upper eyelid muscles. Here’s a quote from Guyuron on the negative effects of contact lenses on the contact lens wearer’s eyes: “Even a slight drooping of the eyelids denotes lack of vigor, tiredness and aging, often prematurely in contact lens wearers. “says Guyuron. Read more about the study here at, 2015

Therefore, it has been established that wearing contact lenses for a period of time can cause droopy eyelids. But did you know that a series of simple and easy-to-perform eye exercise techniques can actually correct the problem? Eye exercises are recommended by natural health care professionals that involve wearing an eye patch that forces the use of the affected muscles, helping you tone and enhance the muscles of the eyelids. These are natural techniques that do not involve the use of risky surgeries.

It is recommended that you wear an eye patch over the affected eye. Then do a figure-eight eye exercise. Perform this technique by moving your eyes in the form of eight eye movements. Other exercises for the eyes are the rolling eyes by means of which you move the eyes in a clockwise direction. Do these techniques for a few minutes every hour.

If you are concerned about anti-aging, eye exercises can not only improve eyesight naturally without glasses, but can also restore the visual system to its natural normal function once again. In addition, they make the eyes healthier and some people who have performed the techniques regularly find that their eyes are more vibrant and glow with vitality and health. This gives the presence of a more youthful appearance.

While drooping eyelids is a problem caused by contact use over time, ultimately, eye exercises are a safer alternative to risky surgical procedures that can help you correct or reduce this eye problem while provide a more youthful appearance.

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