Casino Comps – Not Just For High Rollers – Everyone Can Play The Game, Here’s How It’s Done

Players who visit casinos often are aware that many customers receive compensation during their stay. Regular customers receive free or discounted rooms, meals, show tickets, free games, etc. Many average players who bet on penny, nickel or nickel slot machines, bet $ 5 or $ 10 per hand on table games, think that the gifts they are only for him High rollers. Could not be farther from the truth.

How Casino Comps Work

Comps (complementary) are valued as a part of the player’s expected loss to the casino over time. This is called house edge. For example, the house edge in Blackjack is approximately 0.5% when the player uses a perfect basic strategy. This means that a player’s theoretical loss is approximately 50 cents for every $ 100 bet. Players can win too, but that’s gambling. However, in the long run about weather, home forever win, and competitions keep players coming back.

How to get casino rewards

Sign up for a Players Club card without hesitation. All casinos offer them free of charge. Every time you use it in a slot machine or table game, you accumulate points. Of course, the more you play, the more points you will earn. Depending on where you play and your level of play, your points can be used for meals, hotel stays, exclusive event invitations, show tickets, cash back, and more. The rewards vary between casinos and are liquid (they change frequently). Always check with Players Club associates for more details.

How Comps Are Determined

The points on your card are determined by the amount of credit (currency entered) in any slot machine game after inserting your player card into the corresponding slot. The amount you play is not as important as the amount of time you play. For example, if you put $ 20 into a quarter slot machine and play for an hour or so, the amount of currency in it could be $ 100 or more. What counts is the amount obtained.

If you play board games, put your card on the table with your cash when you make your purchase. The dealer will give it to the room manager, who will record it. The card will be returned to you shortly. Your average bet will be monitored and recorded from time to time during your session.

Once you have established yourself as a stable player, you will receive offers in your mailbox (post and / or email).

If you are a table game player who bets $ 25 per hand or more, ask the room manager to rate you. He / she will keep track of your average bet size for as long as you play. If you play for two or three hours, always ask if you have the right to any competition.

For board games, the rewards players receive depend on the game you are playing. For example, three hours of Blackjack with a theoretical loss of 0.5% will earn you fewer rewards than three hours of Caribbean Stud poker, where your expected loss is 5.2%.

The same applies to slot and video poker machines. For example, three hours of playing video poker will earn you less in comps than the same time on a slot machine, because video poker has an element of skill, while slot machines do not.

Where you play is also a factor. Playing like a local Las Vegas casino could earn you more generous rewards than playing the same amount of time at the exclusive level Wynn Y Bellagio tourist complexes.

When to talk to a host

If you plan to stay for a few days, call the casino and ask to speak to a casino host. He / she can offer you special room rates and will reserve your room for you. Tell the host what games you play and what your stakes are. You may also want to request information on how to make a cash deposit in advance. For example, if you stay for four days and deposit $ 2,000, you can withdraw $ 500 per day to demonstrate your level of stakes. If you’re playing tables, meet the pit crew. This can be of great help to your relationship with the host.

Remember, always be a responsible player. Forever let the casino compensate your game. Never play only for comps.

Good luck!

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