Communicate with other important people: 10 tips for success

Communication is the foundation of all human interaction. For a successful relationship, we must be able to engage in communication that satisfies both partners.

Tip No. # 1: Take time and space to communicate

At the beginning of relationships we communicate naturally with our eyes, smiles, hands and lips and we talk a lot to get to know each other. Later in the relationship, we must remember that communication occurs when there is enough time and space. Commit to your partner and give him the time and space necessary.

Tip # 2: listen, listen and listen

We rarely listen; we often wait our turn to speak, during which time we think about what we want to say next. While it is true that human nature is ‘all about me’, for a relationship to feel fulfilling we want to be heard and therefore we want to be a good listener to our partner.

Tip # 3: Reflect back

You can show that you are a good listener by reflecting back to your partner what you have heard. This allows you to check if you really understand what they are saying and gives them a signal that you heard them.

Tip No. # 4: show interest and remember

Begin to build an internal map of your partner’s life. If you know the people they work with, the places they go to lunch, or the difficulties they currently face, you show that you really care.

Tip No. 5: ask questions

As you will remember the details of your partner’s life, you will be well equipped to ask them questions about what has happened to them, even before they start talking about it. Asking open-ended questions, which are questions that need a longer answer than “yes” or “no”, are good communication starts.

Tip No. # 6: question your assumptions

In addition to asking clarifying and open-ended questions, you must also remember to question any assumptions. Ask about the meaning behind your partner’s words and you will be amazed to learn more and more about your partner that you have never met before.

Tip No. 7: stay present with an open heart

Sometimes all that is needed is your presence: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Even more than through active listening, we can show deep affection simply by opening our hearts to the needs of the partner.

Tip No. 8: give advice when asked

Giving advice to your partner may seem like the best way to support your partner. However, if they simply need to empty themselves, giving unsolicited advice can be a sign of wanting to get over the problem prematurely.

Tip No. 9: ask for what you need

Your partner doesn’t have a mental reading certificate, and neither do you. If you remember saying, ‘You should know what I need,’ think again: Is it more important to say those words or for your partner to give you what you need? You can order what you need, it’s free.

Tip No. 10: be patient

Patience is one of the life path lessons for most people. Especially in relationship communication with your partner, you will practice this skill over and over again. An addition here is: be patient with yourself. Even with those 10 tips!

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