Differences between Border Collies and Collies

Border Collies and Collies are dog breeds that are often confused with each other. Both were originally bred in England and Scotland as farm and herding dogs. Although they have some similarities, they couldn’t be more different from each other.

The Border Collie originated near the border of Scotland and England, hence the name, while Standard Collies are from the north of England and parts of Scotland. Borders are bred to help herd livestock and help on the farm, they are well known for their intelligence and uncanny ability to find lost members of the pack, making them unique among herding dogs. They are very energetic, athletic and agile; These characteristics combined with being intelligent make them sure winners in dog sports and sheepdog competitions. It is also because of these characteristics that they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Living in a condo or apartment complex just isn’t enough for this active dog. They are intelligent working dogs that need to have a purpose and lots of activities or they can get depressed. Compared to a standard collie, they are more energetic and need a lot more physical activity to stay happy.

Border Collies are medium-sized dogs, weighing around 20 pounds to 25 pounds with a typical height ranging from 18 to 22 inches depending on gender. They have a double coat that can be thick or slippery with a combination of black and white as the most common color. Some other color variations include tricolor black, tricolor red, chocolate, and the very rare Australian red. The main difference that border collies have from a standard collie is the length of the coat; although they have quite a bit of hair, it is not as long as the standard collie. Although their ears are somewhat similarly erect or partially erect, their muzzle is also not that long, which makes them look more like the Australian Shepherd.

The Standard Collie comes in two varieties, the rough, long-haired coat and the smooth-coated, short-haired collie. They come in a tricolor combination of black, white, tan, and red, as well as sable. Predominantly, they have a white coat that covers the neck, chest, belly, and parts of the legs and face. They are slightly taller than the Border Collie and can reach up to 25 inches. They are also much sturdier and can weigh between 39 and 66 pounds, depending on gender. They have a more elegant and graceful look compared to their rough Border sibling. Perhaps due to their size, they are also less active than the Border, although they still need a considerable amount of exercise.

Both breeds of dogs make excellent working dogs, show dogs, and pets. They are ideal for an active family that can provide a space to run and play. Border collies and standard collies are also great with children, although they should be trained not to pinch them at the ankles. This is behavior that arises from your herding instincts. They are very loyal and protective of their families and with proper care they can be an excellent addition to the family.

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