Dwight Howard vertical jump and strength training

Dwight Howard is 6 “11 and 265 pounds, but he wasn’t always that powerful. Since coming to the NBA he has hit hard and gotten a lot stronger. In fact, since his rookie year he has increased his press. bench from 185 to 360. That’s almost double! So what’s Dwight Howard’s workout routine? Let’s find out …

Dwight Howard has to give a lot of credit to his personal trainer, Joe Rogowski. Joe has given Dwight an exercise routine that has helped him gain muscle mass and explosive power. Joe Rogowski does an excellent job of mixing up Dwight’s workout routine. One day you will lift a lot of weight to gain strength and power, the next you will focus on plyometric workouts for speed and agility. Below are some of the key exercises Joe has Dwight Howard perform …

Bench press – Dwight mixes this up using the straight bar and dumbbells. Rogowski likes Dwight to perform the pyramid routine. The pyramid he uses is 10-8-6-4-2.

Leg press – Joe prefers Dwight to use the leg press machine over free weight squats. Dwight has back hyperextension and Joe doesn’t want to put Dwight’s back at risk. The leg press machine is a safe exercise and allows Dwight to go with a very heavy weight.

The perfect flex – One of Dwight’s favorite exercises is the push-up. He performs many of his push-up routines at home. In fact, he integrates his push-ups into video game sessions. For example, when playing a boxing game (his favorite), Dwight does a series every time he knocks out someone. Role playing game? Every time he dies, he does as many push-ups as possible.

Dwight Howard has an impressive 39 “vertical jump.. Joe Rogowski also incorporates plyometrics and speed exercises into Dwight’s exercise routine. This keeps you flying over the edge so you can continue throwing those awesome SUPERMAN DUNKS! Some of his favorite exercises to increase your vertical jump include box jumps, sprints, and jumping rope.

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