Fun things to try this summer that are ALMOST free!

During the summer, your wallet can take a big hit from spending on activities like outdoor barbecue parties, trips to the beach, and more. Even if you’re on a budget or thinking of saving for a significant expense, there are lots of fun things you can do without spending too much. Summer activities, including local events like concerts, festivals, and exhibitions, are usually inexpensive or offered for free, regardless of where you live.

Here are some ideas for free and fun activities to do in the summer that won’t cost a fortune:

  1. Picnic in local parks: Pick a beautiful day and head straight to your local park for a picnic instead of spending a lot of money at a restaurant. Parks are the perfect place to enjoy the greenery of the season, and the best part: admission is free.
  2. Free outdoor movie screenings: Many cities and towns host free outdoor movie screenings in local squares or city centers. This can be an exciting way to have fun with friends and family, enjoy the culture, and maybe even catch up with some of your neighbors.
  3. County fairs instead of amusement parks: Many county fairs offer relatively cheaper attractions and other fun activities compared to the large amusement parks. Some fairs even offer special discount days and allow you to bring personal picnic items to save money on food. Plus, volunteering at the fair can earn you a free pass!
  4. Camping: If you own camping gear, consider camping in your backyard for an inexpensive, fun-filled way to enjoy the summer. Set up a tent, build a fire, and cook some marshmallows under the stars. Kids will especially love this idea!
  5. Free visits to a zoo or museum: Be sure to keep an eye out for free admission to the zoo or museum in your area. Visiting either one will be an unforgettable experience! Also, don’t forget to bring food and drinks, so you won’t be lured into buying snacks.
  6. Local reproductions: Several small communities still maintain a theater, theater, or opera house and run local productions of plays and musicals. Most of them can offer discounted nights. Expect a local theater or musical for an exciting and enriching experience.
  7. Free Community Classes: During the weekend, many local institutions and shops offer free summer classes on a variety of topics for children and adults. Stop by a local food store and take a free cooking class or hardware store to update your knowledge on a home repair topic.

You can try these ideas for cool things to do in summer to create beautiful memories without breaking the bank.

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