Genset Company – Popular Brands of Hardwood Flooring

Genset Company

Genset Company, located in Shelburne, Vermont has been in the business of manufacturing and providing quality wood flooring for over 35 years. Their mission is to provide customers with a product that is superior in both appearance and quality. They understand the importance of providing customers with high quality hardwood flooring products and believe strongly that investing in this area is not only a good business decision for them but for their customers as well. The Genset Company prides themselves on using only the best and highest quality hardwood trees from America’s most unique forests. Each of these trees is individually selected and analyzed to ensure that only the healthiest, highest producing trees are selected for use in their Genset company manufacturing process.

In their efforts to provide customers with high quality hardwood flooring, the Genset Company produces each floor by hand, one at a time. Every single plank is cut precisely to size using only the best methods and using only the finest grain of each individual wood piece. This allows each board to be built to last, even under the harshest of conditions and to maintain its beautiful natural color and luster. The company’s commitment to building quality boards to customer specifications is evidenced by the fact that they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their flooring products.

genset company

The Genset Company also uses a variety of methods to ensure the purity of their product. During the manufacturing process each piece of wood is heated to its maximum temperature to remove any moisture that may be present. This is done without using any form of toxic chemicals or fumes, as other manufacturers have done in the past. Instead, the high heat of the kiln causes any moisture to evaporate quickly, leaving behind nothing more than dry wood. Genset also ensures their customers that the carbon monoxide levels in their manufacturing facility are at an acceptable level to meet local and federal safety standards.

Popular Brands of Hardwood Flooring

As previously mentioned, the Genset Company also places great emphasis on the purity of the wood that they produce. All pieces are sanded and stained at the same time, and all dust is removed from the surface. Only the top layer of the wood is actually used for flooring, and this is sanded and stained by hand. Genset has gone so far as to implement an automatic sieve to help prevent any contamination of the grain. Because of these steps and all of the tests that they have completed, the Genset Company has become one of the most trusted names in the flooring industry.

The company also recycles whenever it can. It is not uncommon for them to generate five hundred liters of paper every year from the wood that they harvest and manufacture. These products are then sold to customers around the world. Each piece of hardwood flooring that is produced is unique, and this fact is what keeps people coming back to the Genset Company. While some of their competitors have been able to make huge profits from the sale of carbon monoxide tainted products, none of them have managed to cleanse the floors of this deadly substance.

Not only does the Genset Company produce high quality, realistic looking hardwood flooring products, but they also take great care to ensure that they are durable and long lasting. They take special measures to make sure that the products made from their wood and other materials do not crack, warp, or show any other signs of wear. This is why the Genset Company is such a popular brand in the flooring industry. People trust the company’s products and use them in their own homes, because they know that these materials will last for years to come. If you want beautiful floors that are built to last, you should definitely consider using Genset.

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