Get rid of anxiety and panic attacks without medication

If you suffer from any type of anxiety disorder, whether due to hormonal change during your menstrual cycle, social anxiety, or simply due to chemical change in your brain’s serotonin levels, there are natural ways to cure panic attacks.

Anxiety attacks are caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Anxiety was once considered just a mental disorder, however scientists have recently discovered that the causes are more hormonal and chemical than emotional. Currently, it is impossible to completely cure panic attacks, although there are medications on the market that claim to do so. However, medications like Zoloft and Prozac come with some very unpleasant side effects. These medications can increase suicidal thoughts and tendencies, can cause sexual problems in women and men, and can make those who experience panic attacks feel disconnected from the world or very apathetic.

As someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder, I have found other ways to stop panic attacks. I try to cure anxiety now without medication, and have seen dramatic improvement over the last few years, completely drug free. So what are some natural ways to prevent panic attacks from happening?

go running – Sometimes anxiety attacks can make you feel like you need an escape. An excellent solution is to run, or even run in place. Physical activity will help take your mind off the panic attack and works well as a panic treatment.

Use pressure points – during a panic attack, your chest tightens and it may be difficult to breathe. You can alleviate some of this by pressing on the base of your breastbone, just below the xiphoid process (the same place where you give a person CPR). This is a pressure point for the chest, and putting a little pressure here will loosen up the chest and cure panic attacks.

do something with your hands – Some people may scratch or rub their hands raw during an anxiety attack. Keep your hands busy. This will take your mind off your panic disorder and help keep you from harmonizing. Throwing a ball from one hand to the other is a good treatment for panic.

Breathe – It is easy to hyperventilate during a panic attack. A good way to stop panic attacks is to invest in a metronome. When you feel an anxiety attack coming on, turn on the metronome and start breathing at a specific rhythm that is comfortable for you. This beat will help you regulate your heartbeat as well as your breathing.

try something natural – There are many natural supplements that can help deal with panic attacks. St. John’s wort is a popular herb for depression, but it can also help with anxiety disorders, as both problems often stem from chemical imbalances in the brain. Other traditional herbs can also help ease the discomfort of anxiety attacks.

look deeper – If your panic attacks are not strictly due to a chemical imbalance, try to identify what things in your environment trigger them. Do certain thoughts make you feel anxious or fearful? Smells? People? If you find a pattern to your panic attacks, you can seek therapy to help you deal with these things without an anxiety attack. If you see someone recommending medication, firmly remind them that you would like a natural cure for panic attacks. Anxiety disorders can be managed quite well with some training and patience, and I will never go back to the dull feeling of taking medication after learning how to manage anxiety without drugs.

Learn how to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks

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