How long does Jelqing take to enlarge the penis?

A common question for those looking to jelq to enlarge the penis is how long does it really take? Unfortunately, many guys believe that they can jelq for a few days and see results. It takes a few days or more to get used to this male enhancement exercise technique, much less to see results.

So how long does jelqing really take to enlarge the penis?

Let’s break it down like this:

1-2 weeks – After 1-2 weeks, you should be used to exercise and able to do it quite easily. Will you see real results? Probably not, but some guys report some results after this period. However, you won’t see HUGE results after just a week or two.

1 month: After a month, many men begin to notice an increase in girth and a small gain in length. Men who do not experience anything have generally not been consistent or awkwardly trying to do the exercises correctly. 1 month means a solid month of constant jelqing to enlarge the penis.

3 Months – This is where big and noticeable earnings can come in. Many guys see very noticeable results after this period and are encouraged to continue to see if they can grow even more.

6 months: Generally, this is the period in which the “crazy earnings” appear. While some men may peak after 3-4 months, many men see large increases in size after 6 months.

So, you see that it is not just an overnight process with jelqing. But it doesn’t take years either. Many boys reach their goals by 6 months, and many reach a large size before then. The key is to learn proper exercise technique and be consistent with your execution.

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