How To Make Your Toes Curl With An Amazing Kiss

Usually a kiss lasts only about 3 minutes, but an amazing kiss should seem like forever. Not many men know how to get a girl with just one kiss, but it can be done. Those incredible kiss scenes aren’t all nonsense – a mind-blowing kiss can be learned.

Step 1

A girl can feel when a man just wants to have a good time, or is really interested in her. In other words, knocking her down with a big kiss will only happen if you have sincere feelings for her. A lustful kiss is not always a curling kiss. Most of the time, it’s just a prelude to something more intimate, and this is where you can tell the difference between a lustful kiss and an incredible kiss.

An amazing kiss will make her feel like she’s floating, while a lustful kiss might encourage her to want to have sex with you.

So step 1 in giving your lady the most amazing kiss ever is to make her mean more than just sex.

Step 2

A woman has more than one sore spot. The mouth is just one of them. When kissing her, touch other parts of her body. Of course, it is supposed to be a caress, not a tickle, not a destruction; no grabbing, no harshness at all. You can try using your fingertips and running it down her back, or stroking her hair gently and lovingly. You can also nibble on her neck and ear, or the inside of her elbow.

Step 3

Follow their lead. Most women will give little hints on how to make things progress better, or even faster. You have to be in tune with her needs and not just think about trying to impress her. A perfect kiss is about pleasing your partner, not being bombastic.

Sometimes the most amazing toe curl kiss could be a simple, short-lived kiss that leaves her breathless and wanting more. It will not always be the case with sex in 5 minutes. Kiss her like it’s the last time you’ll ever do it, and if you always do it, you’ll make her the happiest woman on the planet.

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