How to start a local scooter club in your city

Do you like to ride a scooter? If not, have you considered the cost of fuel for that SUV? Some people think that scooters are not safe and while that is true to some extent, the reasoning behind this is that people do not search for them while driving, but there is safety in the number and the more scooters in their city, the more sure they become.

To increase Scooter usage, it would be wise to start a Scooter Club and get some local publicity. You will first need to decide what level you want your club to be at. Making a formal club is an option and makes things more concrete and stable. First, you need to establish bylaws and form a legal entity, and perhaps you could also form a preliminary committee. You will need to determine your mission statement along with your goals and objectives. You may want:

  • Conserve fuel
  • Get people out of their SUVs
  • Have fun
  • Promote safety
  • Raise money for charity
  • A club for meetings and appointments

Perhaps you could consider a tax strategy for your nonprofit status and you will need to create liability release forms and determine a low-cost club membership fee structure. Creating a club like this in your city can have many advantages. Consider taking advantage of economies of scale, for example, you could do it;

  1. Calculate a special price for fuel and provide PR to that station
  2. Recruit Certified Scooter Mechanics
  3. Negotiate special rates
  4. Develop working relationships with all scooter shops
  5. Safety instruction
  6. Free course from a local traffic school
  7. Recruit local law enforcement talent for group chats
  8. Negotiate rental rates for non-scooter owners
  9. Calculate price reductions for destination locations

You can also plan fundraising events and meetings and donate the money to worthy local charities or perhaps a scholarship as well. Your club can meet in local coffee shops and discuss many topics. If you want to promote your goals, why not raise your club status with members in good standing and have them join various decision-making groups in town?

  • Member to sit at the mayor’s round table
  • Member of the Transportation Committee of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Neighborhood Watch Board as a Mobile Group
  • Member of the Board of Parks and Recreation

Maybe you want certain roads to be wider and better paved, and therefore you could help local candidates who strongly believe in road safety for their city. To maintain your high status in the community, you will need some rules for club members and maybe you can write this in a

Two-page pledge from each member;

  1. Obey all traffic laws
  2. Drive Responsibly and Defensively
  3. Be an example of a good citizen
  4. Keep safety items on the scooter

Additionally, a scooter club can become the eyes and ears of the community and help curb crime by reporting criminal activity by cell phone. Things like; Hit and Runs, Robbery or the occasional drug deal that falls. It is vital that you only allow honest citizens to join you and you need to ensure that they are safe by conducting a scooter proficiency check and allowing the club to vote on new members before joining, perhaps with a vote of approval from the 85%.

An older member can meet a potential new member at a coffee shop and ride with them to make sure they are safe and to make sure the new member can explain that they understand the traffic laws, as well as verify that they are. maintenance of liability insurance. They could even distribute AAA forms and maps to help new members. Why not create a scooter club in your city today?

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