How to stop your Doberman from whining

One problem many Doberman owners share is their frustration and annoyance at excessive whining. Often times, owners think this trait is cute when they bring their puppy home for the first time. They soon discover that he is not so cute when their adult Doberman continues to whine. In some cases, the relationship between the owner and his dog can be stressful.

Most reach a stage where they will try anything to stop their dog’s constant whining. The good news is that you can train your dog not to whine. The bad news is, if you’ve waited until your dog is grown and the habit is ingrained, it will take a lot of time and patience to break this habit you helped foster.

Why Dobermans Complain

There are three basic causes of Doberman’s whining. Your dog is sick or in pain and whining is his way of telling you it hurts. He is bored and needs physical and mental stimulation. You have taught him by your actions that whining will get your attention, and he uses this whining to manipulate you into doing what he wants.

Behavior change

The first step in changing your Doberman’s behavior is to find out why he’s whining. The first thing to do is visit the vet for a complete exam and rule out any health problems. Once he is in good health, you must decide if he lacks physical and mental stimulation or if his whining is to get your full attention or both.

Physical and mental stimulation

Dobermans are larger dogs and require a great deal of physical exercise to avoid getting bored. They may require up to an hour of play two or three times a day, as well as some walks. A well-exercised dog should be a little tired, calm, and well behaved around the house. Dobermans, being intelligent dogs, also need a lot of mental stimulation to keep them from getting bored.

Obedience and other types of training, done on a daily basis, will help give you the mental stimulation you need. You can also include puzzle balls among his toys and teach him some simple tricks. This should help reduce your whining.

Change manipulative behavior

If your Doberman is whining to manipulate him into paying attention, you’ve likely taught him that whining gets his attention. You will have to teach him that whining will not get the attention he is seeking. You and everyone in your household will have to ignore him when he whines, unless he does so out of necessity to relieve himself.

When he whines, ignore him and leave the room. Don’t look at him or talk to him until he stops whining, no matter how long it takes. The moment he stops whining, pet him. Tell him what a good boy he is and take a couple of minutes to lavish attention on him. Do this consistently and you’ll soon learn that whining won’t get your attention.

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