He is totally at a loss to understand how he could be so dumb and stupid. He feels ashamed of himself, manager of an insurance company, remembering the memory of her, even if it was only a few weeks ago. He somehow takes comfort in the fact that maybe the helpline executive he called was the most stupid and stupid, an abysmal idiot at best! Out of his own stupidity, he often tries to justify: the endless months of staying home and working from home because of the pandemic perhaps made him a foolproof digital being, concerned only with flows of passwords, PINs and IDs. But the fact is, it was really stupid, he muses thoughtfully.

Actually your old mobile phone was giving you constant problems from the beginning of the crash, hangs, suddenly shuts down, blank screens and problems with the operating system. There was no way to repair it soon. It was a huge setback for him in view of the demanding virtual times. He had no choice but to wait. After about two months of lockdown, for the first time, e-commerce of non-essential items was temporarily allowed. He took the opportunity and reserved a rather expensive smartphone online; I needed a powerful camera, more storage capacity, and more speed.

Fortunately, the smartphone was delivered in a very quick time. Ecstatic, he opened the package and took the elegant device in his hands. I wanted it to work right away. He took out the SIM card from his old phone and from there the problem started. Couldn’t find the usual opening on the back to put the card in. Playing with it for quite some time and not finding the SIM card slot, he rummaged through the package, checking the accessories and the guide booklet. He howled in rage, finding the guide too short, giving no directions on how to insert SIM cards. He wanted to call his wife, but she was too busy in the kitchen at the time.

Although she hated doing it, she looked up the service center helpline number and dialed. It was finally directed at a customer service executive.

“Good morning! How can I help you sir?” He told her about the problem.

“Sorry for the inconvenience. Sir, please check the package, you will find the pin there.”

“I searched many times, but they did not give me a PIN.”

“But sir, the pin is always provided with the game.”

“I told you it’s not there. And how is it possible? I bought new equipment, all facilities must be provided. Tell me again, is it written somewhere on the back of the model?”

“No sir! It is provided with the accessories.”

“But it’s not there! How do I turn on my phone now?”

“You will have to visit our nearest service center, only they can provide the pin.”

“What do you mean? How the hell am I supposed to go there? You know the situation! Horrible service! Sorry I went for your model!” he yelled now.

“I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, sir! Please …!” The enraged “customer” cut the line.

His wife entered the scene now hearing the commotion. He answered her questions reluctantly, his ego against expressing his utter helplessness. His wife took the instrument in her hands and pulled out a safety pin as if out of nowhere. He unfastened the sharp pin and inserted it into a small hole in the side of the mobile. And lo! The SIM card tray came out! She asked for the simulator, he gave it to her easily. He carefully fitted it into a slot and pushed the tray in. And the smartphone started working right away. She returned the phone to him and left the scene with a triumphant smile.

He cursed the executive for not telling him the obvious: that the PIN was actually a simple pin that he could very easily have pulled from his office files.

Anyway, think again: who is the biggest fool? In my defense, I have the fact that I am not used to expensive smartphones with SIM card trays. So what about the executive? Well, the poor man probably had no idea of ​​his client’s colossal ignorance.

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