Lafuma Sleeping Bag Review – Lafuma X950 Pro (2009) and Lafuma Extreme 950 Pro (2010)

On your next camping or hiking trip, if you can find wet and cold conditions, this Lafuma sleeping bag is for you. The Lafuma x950 Pro (or in 2010, the Lafuma Extreme 950 Pro) is essentially waterproof, small, and extremely lightweight for a synthetic sleeping bag.

Lafuma synthetic sleeping bags use their exclusive Ultramicro fiber insulation which, unlike its natural counterpart, insulates even when wet. The slightly higher weight on the down is a small price to pay for the safety of protecting yourself against a soggy backpack or a leaky tent. In the case of this Lafuma sleeping bagWhen the Lafuma X950 Pro encounters moisture, both the waterproof shell and synthetic insulation work together to keep you warm, protecting you from those sudden storms that come up so often when hiking or camping.

The Lafuma x950 Pro sleeping bag is also extremely lightweight and is a very reasonable 6-inch by 16-inch size, which easily fits into most backpacks. The 2 pound weight adds minimal weight, characteristic of most Lafuma sleeping bags. Other features include a hood and full side zip with a draft tube and shoulder collar to keep cold air out.

Overall, we give the X950 Pro Lafuma sleeping bag a strong thumbs up. See product details below.

Product details:

  • Shell: Water repellent Ripstop Nylon
  • Lining: Ripstop nylon
  • Insulation: 0.8D Ultramicro Fiber
  • Construction: 2 + 1 Layer Size: 6’9 “x 2’8”
  • Filled size: 6 “x 16”

Product characteristics:

  • Lightweight to 2 lbs.
  • 30 degree rating
  • Ultramicro synthetic insulation
  • Seamless side box construction
  • Inside pocket for electronics
  • Full side zip with draft tube
  • Easy access drawstring hood
  • Bag of things included

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