Maria Bello, a talented actress and a great activist

Main aspects

Maria Bello is a very successful award-winning television and film actress. He was born in 1967 in Pennsylvania. He has won a NY Films Critic Circle Award for his performance in An history about Violence (2005). She is also a global philanthropist.

Early life

Maria Elana Bello was born on April 18, 1967. Her place of birth is Norristown, Pennsylvania. She began studying at Villanova University with the intention of working as a human rights lawyer. However, after attending an acting class, she decided to pursue an acting career.

A memorable acting career

He worked off-Broadway before finding a role as a corporate spy on Mr. and Mrs. blacksmith. Later, he appeared as a guest star on ER, The famous NBC drama; made a huge impression on the producers, who was cast as a series regular the next season.

He played in various film roles during the first decade of the new millennium. In particular, in Cooler (2003), plays a cocktail waitress in love with an unfortunate player. On A history of violence (2005), plays a spouse haunted by her husband’s past, a role that earned her a Golden Globe nomination and an award from the New York Film Critics Circle. Another interesting moment in his career is his role in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009). He has also participated in recognized television programs, such as Law & Order: SVU Y Prime suspect.

Activist and philanthropist

His activist work is significant. Specifically, he has helped found the DreamYard Drama Project for youth in the Bronx; In addition, she has substantially helped women and families in Darfur and Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. She is one of the co-founders of WE ADVANCE, with the aim of supporting women by providing education and platforms for connections. The organization strives to make health care a priority and stop gender-based violence; strives to connect the various organizations that support women in Haiti and offer emergency care to women.

Maria makes periodicals in The Huffington Post magazine in order to raise awareness about the issues faced by women. For example, it tries to sensitize people to the current crisis that women are experiencing in Darfur; and the low representation of women in management positions.

Private life

She is the mother of a teenager; He has recently revealed that he has a homosexual relationship and has related that his son showed him understanding and love after explaining this situation to him. The actress has received significant support for this revelation.

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