My first list of 21 personal attributes and character qualities for home schoolers

It is important that our children develop strong character as we educate them. Knowledge alone will not be enough to be successful in life. Here is my alphabetical list of the top 21 vital character qualities that can be learned and applied through educational activities and instruction. The definitions are only to give the sense of quality. I’m sure you can think of richer definitions and more attributes for personal development. I know I have more!

(1) Alertness is ready observation and surveillance.
(2) Attention is vigilant attention and concern for details.
(3) Availability means always being ready to help, work and do whatever it takes.
(4) Boldness is speaking truthfully and confidently.
(5) Caution is to proceed with careful actions and vigilance.
(6) Charity is giving undeservedly to the needs of others out of love for others.
(7) Communication is a clear exchange of thoughts.
(8) Compassion is an active and empathetic concern for the hurts and needs of others.
(9) Contentment is having personal satisfaction with economic circumstances.
(10) Creativity is combining imagination and ideas with a new creation.
(11) Decision-making power is clear and firm decision-making.
(12) Deference is giving way or place to another person.
(13) Reliability is being a trustworthy and responsible person who can be counted on when needed.
(14) Determination is having a strong motivation and inner drive to get on with something.
(15) Diligence is working hard and working with constant energy.
(16) Discernment is the ability to perceive good and evil.
(17) Discretion is being prudent and sensitive in speech and actions.
(18) Resistance is moving on through difficulties or difficulties.
(19) Enthusiasm is showing excited expression and energetic, happy motivation.
(20) Fidelity is being trustworthy in relational fidelity and commitment.
(21) Fitness is disciplined and healthy physical exercise.

Parents and teachers can combine these qualities with other projects for homeschooling, sports, housework, room care, part-time jobs, crafts, skills, and other activities. A chart with a reward system can be used as additional motivators. Including compliments with rewards is the best! It can include working in the home business, a home business, music lessons, or a service project to make these qualities more “real” for home schoolers.

These are easy to read, but challenging to apply to our lives. May you be successful in raising and empowering your children as you strive to build their lives through homeschooling!

For your children, JF Hunt

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