Pharaoh Hound dog health, grooming and living conditions issues

Health problems. The Pharaoh’s Hound, to this day, remains the most common in Malta. Apparently, they are not profitable dogs to breed. As a result of this, dogs do not suffer from serious genetic disorders. In the past, unscrupulous dog breeders were known to take shortcuts, although reputable breeders and kennel clubs have tried to stifle these people’s efforts. These dogs still receive a variety of tests to ensure healthy breeding, but reputable dog breeders shouldn’t be a problem. However, because their ears are large and quite thin, they can suffer when it is cold, remember that their natural habitat is Malta.

Cleanliness. As small breed dogs, Pharaoh Hound dogs are ideal for people who do not have time to dedicate to grooming. A simple brushing every now and then and cleaning dirty areas with a damp cloth is pretty much all the Pharaoh Hound requires. They have somewhat sensitive skin and the use of strong shampoos or detergents is not recommended, a dry shampoo is probably the best answer.

Life conditions. Provided Pharaoh Hounds are introduced at a very young age, they will socialize well with other animals, although care must be taken with smaller pets due to the strong hunting instinct of dogs. They are happy with children and enjoy playing, together with the best. They are better suited to a more experienced owner than to having as their first dog. Remember that the dog is very fast and very active when not restrained, while playing, it should be kept in a fairly safe area, and a well-fenced garden should be suitable for this. They are not really suited to apartment living and should always be worn laced when outdoors in public.

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