Playing video games with consoles Vs playing with portable devices

Video games have always been one of the great inventions of entertainment. But now there are a variety of ways we can enjoy it. From consoles to handheld devices, there is simply no stopping game developers from fully satisfying the deepest desires of a gamer from all over the world and in different ages. But what exactly is the difference in how we want to play those games? Do we want something affordable or something more attractive? Some of those who play video games care much more about the graphics and others about the gameplay. Let’s start first where it all began:

Video games are first created from a PC or personal computer, so games were first available from floppy disks and can be copied from different computers. Then consoles were invented, which is a fixed device that allows you to watch the game by connecting to a television and play using a controller. Video games now come on cartridges as the programs are stored on microchips.

Portable video game players were also made that came in black and white and later in full color, video game companies also created their own version of portable video game players that required larger game cartridges. When compact discs were used, new consoles were made to make use of this new storage technology that can store a larger amount of data. Which means better graphics and sound, which make games more engaging and engaging with more hours of gameplay.

These are just some of the few factors that affect players, both young and old:


Older gamers tend to spend more time and money playing on consoles, while younger gamers prefer something simpler like playing on portable devices like Playstation Portable or Nintendo 3DS as they have small hands and are easy to handle.


Being affordable is also a factor, those who are wealthy care much more about the quality of the game, while those who are on a tight budget will get anything they can play with to kill time or just for fun.


A portable device allows you to play wherever and whenever you want, it is also improving the quality of the game as technology develops. The consoles are only good for playing at home or on a gaming network, basically you can’t take them anywhere with you.

It really depends on the operation, time and budget. A gamer may also prefer both for those who are really addicted to playing video games wherever they want or whenever they get the chance.

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