Protect your PC with AVG Antivirus installation

You may face various technical issues when any malicious program enters your system. Some of the technical issues are that the applications take longer than usual to respond, some of the programs do not work properly, etc. If you want to save your system from any errors, you must install an updated antivirus on your system. There are a variety of antivirus programs available in the market like AVG, Norton, etc. In this article, AVG antivirus installation will be clarified.


AVG Antivirus is bundled with many new and improved features. It consists of LinkScanner active surf-shield, which ensures that the page you are going to visit is secure. This antivirus contains a search shield to apply security ratings to Google, MSN and Yahoo search results.

AVG Antivirus protects you from phishing attacks to protect your confidential information. It offers you the ability to download and exchange files without any risk of virus infection. This antivirus contains an email scanner, which keeps you safe from dangerous attachments and links in your email. AVG Antivirus makes sure that the most complicated threats stay away from your PC.


AVG Antivirus has the ability to update itself to protect you against the latest threats. Follow these steps to download and install AVG antivirus 9.0 on your system:

STEP 1: You can download AVG Antivirus from its official website by clicking the “Download AVG Now” button.

STEP 2: Click the “Save” button, when prompted, and select the location where the installation file should be stored.

STEP 3: Restart your computer.

STEP 4: Close all running applications and find the downloaded AVG installation file. Then double click on its installation file to start.

STEP 5: Choose your installation language and click “Next”.

STEP 6: Check the “I have read the license agreement” checkbox and click the Accept button.

STEP 7: In this step, the AVG installation wizard will search for incompatible software on your computer. If any incompatible applications are found, the AVG installation wizard will inform you.

STEP 8: Click the “Uninstall Software button” to open the Windows Add / Remove Programs dialog and then remove that application from your system.

STEP 9: Click “Custom Installation” on the Select Installation Type page.

STEP 10: Click the “Add / Remove Components” option and click Next.

STEP 11: Enter your “AVG license number”, click the Next button.

STEP 12: Select the components you want to install and click the “Next” button to continue with the installation.

STEP 13: Click “Next”, select the program to scan and update the software and click “Next”.

STEP 14: Click “Next”, “Next” and “Finish”.

After installing AVG antivirus 9.0 on your system, you can protect it from malicious programs.


After installing AVG Antivirus on your system, you may have problems uninstalling this software. This program can corrupt iTunes installation after deleting its DLL files.


It is suggested that you install a genuine copy of AVG antivirus 9.0 on your system to protect it from malicious programs.

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