Protection against negative energy

Do you need protection against negative energy?

Many people go about their daily life without knowing that there are things and energies that are everywhere and that can greatly influence them, either for better or for worse. Its impact can be very strong and affect us in all aspects of our life. How to protect yourself from such influences begins with recognizing and understanding the source of those influences and addressing them appropriately. Here is an explanation of the way negative influences act and influence us.

Source of events

The phenomenon known as “evil” really exists. We have to deal with it by drawing on our individual and collective life experiences and our ethical code and norms (which are usually based on a religious tradition).

However, it is very important to understand that there is no evil that exists independently or in opposition to God. Everything that we are sent and experienced, whether good or bad, is part of Gd’s system of government in the world. This means that every evil person we deal with, every negative spiritual influence, every really bad thing that happens to us is a manifestation of His Judgment, even if we don’t know why or how it happened.

Gd is the only real source of everything that happens to us. We cannot, by definition, know or understand Gd’s will or plans, but what we can do is ask for His help, His infinite mercy.

Using Sacred Names and Secret Knowledge, a Kabbalah practitioner does just that when writing Kabbalistic Amulets.

Kabbalah practice

This set of practices belongs to one of the schools of an ancient spiritual tradition of help and protection, which is known as Practical Kabbalah. He explains the origins of the term as the ability to request and receive help by intensifying positive influences. This was accomplished by using the help of the primordial spiritual forces that permeate our world and were established there by the Creator of our Universe.

The wisdom and principles of Practical Kabbalah are applied in specially written prayers, rituals, and charms. Writing specifically recombined sacred symbols and sacred names has great power to obtain and refocus divine energy for the desired result, when placed on a scroll in a very specific specific order.

If you find yourself struggling with health problems, relationship difficulties, depression, or bad luck, you may be under the influence of Negative Forces and this is something Practical Kabbalah can definitely help you with.

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