Punch a hole in me!

There are various ways in which human beings apply art to the body, these are called Body Art. Body art is made for aesthetics, status or identity. Some cultures adopt one and criticize the rest, or sometimes adopt a fair share of one and condemn its “overuse.” Body art includes piercings (for the purpose of wearing jewelry or other adornments), tattoos, marks, and scarifications. I will cover ‘Body Piercing’ in this article.

I still don’t get the unfair criticism from Body Piercing. We express ourselves in different ways. I come from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, a place where practically all women get their ears pierced, mainly from birth. And in this same society, nose piercing is considered a sign of rebellion. I think getting your nose pierced is great, but actually, not all of them make sense to me, not even piercing your ears. I was in a meeting some time ago and saw a woman who was probably in her 50s with her ears pierced in about 5 different places each. He adorned his ears with beautiful jewels. It was a beautiful sight, I must confess. But in that same meeting, I could see that some people were looking at her with disdain. I don’t know if they were irritated by the fact that it was ugly or just felt that it was wrong to have their ear pierced in more than one place.

Have you heard of Los Taínos? It is a beautiful group of islanders in the indigenous Colon.

“The islanders were friendly and open to trade with Spanish sailors. They exchanged anything for anything: spun cotton balls, parrots and spears for glass beads, red caps and sailors’ trinkets. Most interesting for explorers, However, it was the fact that the islanders had small pieces of gold pierced into their noses. Furthermore, they told Columbus that the inhabitants of other islands wore gold bands on their arms and legs. They also described countless islands, all as theirs, believing they had reached the Indies, they soon called all the islanders Indians. ” -Microsoft® Encarta® 2009.

This is just to show that a body piercing does not affect a person’s behavior, therefore stereotypes against body piercing are unreasonable and without foundation. The next time you see a person with a body piercing, as unreasonable as it may seem, the worst thing to do is keep your mouth shut.

If you see me with a pierced body, it’s not just the piercing process that hurts, your words go through me too.

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