Real food, less regrets

Many of you have seen “What The Health” for some strange reason, some of you have concluded that the information was biased. Well, I am living proof that a whole food plant-based lifestyle is the only lifestyle that has been shown to reverse and prevent. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, just to name a few.

I would love the opportunity to share with your community the principles of our Solid Plant Lifestyle Movement for the Whole Person. Our strong plant lifestyle for the whole person is based on principles that I live every day. I am 49 years old, even with celiac disease, arthritis and vitiligo, I am not taking any prescription drugs. I have a blood pressure of 98 over 69, my cholesterol is 172, my glucose is 100, and I weigh 135 pounds. I am healthier now than I have ever been in my life.

It makes me sad and angry to see so many of us eating ourselves to death! I’d love to show you how to trade your traditional recipes for healthier, more affordable, and more nutritious plant varieties. It is time to exist in denial. It is time to live the abundant life that God designed, we were all created with hope, in freedom with Freedom! Join us on this journey of living a life with fewer regrets!

Guidelines on the go

Guidelines for eating on the go:. Remember that we have no control over what is produced in supermarkets or restaurants.

These small changes will make a difference. If the missing elements in our lifestyles are vitamins and minerals, why do we focus on protein? That single nutrient will not help you achieve your Total Health and Wellness goal.

One of the goals of our movement is to consume whole, unprocessed, colorful foods as close to the way God created them as possible. Eat smaller portions, slowly, around a table with other people.

When you’re out and about, remember that the rainbow is always the most important requirement. The essential color is green. Make sure to go for rich, dark colors: red, orange, yellow, and purple. The more vibrant the colors, the more nutritious the option.

Before ordering or eating something, ask yourself

5 questions

1 Is this food real, can I recognize and pronounce the ingredients?

2 If I leave it on my counter, will it go bad?

3 Will this increase or eliminate the good bacteria in your digestive tract? (Remember that your digestive system feeds on healthy bacteria like fiber.)

4 Will this choice lead to a reward or a regret?

5 Will this make me feel good and energetic, or bad and lethargic?

Mentality change:

Free your mind of your old way of thinking and your life will go on.

Call to action:

Start consuming your meals on smaller plates, this is a great way to control your portions.


Old Habits: Great processed food options, eating extremely fast only in a car.

New Habit: Smaller meals derived from whole plants are eaten slowly, with others on a table.

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