Responsibilities of Nigerian Professionals in the Building Construction Industry

(1) The soil scientist:

The work of soil scientists consists of determining the suitability of the land for which it is going to be used, checking the resistance, the ph content and giving a report on the effects of the building on said land. They are important to avoid settlements. of land due to the weight of the building in the future. They use different ways of investigating soil conditions. For simple residential buildings in reasonable locations, dig several holes approximately three spits deep, drill holes up to 2 or 21/2 m deep with a hand auger, or drive a pointed steel bar approximately 1 1/2 m into the ground is generally sufficient. With larger buildings or more difficult sites, the following methods can be applied.

(i) Dig test holes approximately 1 1/2 m deep outside the perimeter of the building.

(ii) Drilling of wells by percussion or rotary methods. The percussion method uses a steel bit with a chisel point screwed into a steel rod. The rotary method employs a hollow rod with a rotating bit and a strata core is forced back through the hole. rod.

(iii) Load tests often using a reinforced concrete slab of approximately 1.20 to 1.50 m2 and 300 mm thick, to which loads are added at intervals of approximately 2 hours and the amount of slump is determined with one level dividing half the applied load before settlement in the slab zone.

(2) lawyers:

Lawyers are needed from the moment you want to buy your land, they help in all legal dealings. From contracts to agreements between you and the landlords “omo onile”; It is the job of a lawyer to find the true owner of the land because the person who sells you may not be the right person to do it, they will do a close scrutiny of the agreement documents and give their opinion. legal advice on your investment The money you pay for this service may be worth considering the possibility of losing your money if you refuse to contact them.

(3) Surveyors:

These people draw a map of the area or parcel of their land. They make sure your land is properly demarcated from your neighbor with their tools and skills, they will give you the exact length of your land. Architect for the design of your building. You also need a survey plan to validate your terrain when you want to record it.

(4) Architects:

They communicate with you, that is, clients one by one to achieve the type of building you want.Architects provide professional support to clients not only in building design, execution, but also in general support, even on the viability of the building. of an architect is extensive because they are generally closer to their clients than any other construction professional. He is in the best position to know what fulfills your dreams and how to help you achieve it. He conceives or dreams and puts pencil on paper and outlines what you have in mind, gives you criticism so that it adapts to what you want properly, and makes the necessary adjustments. By his position he is the head of the construction team.

(5) Surveyor:

This professional estimates and ensures that you do not embark on a project that is beyond your financial means. They cost and determine the amount of money you will need to build your house so you don’t end up abandoning your project midway. . These people are very important, unfortunately Nigerians today do not see the need for them and that is why we have abandoned the projects that dot our landscape. It is good to have a proper and beautiful home. It also helps promote the architects who designed it for you when your home is very beautiful, although for small projects your architect can give you an idea of ​​what your building will cost. But you may not get the perfect, unsentimental estimate of what a surveyor will give you. The surveyor has nothing to lose if the house is very ugly, his job is to make sure that you have a financial understanding of what you are about to undertake. In large projects, they maintain and give money to artisans and labor based on the input that each worker is contributing.

(6) Civil or structural engineers:

The civil or structural engineer in the construction industry must ensure that the stability or structural arrangement of your building is not compromised. I mean they give calculations and recommendations based on the Architect’s drawing, what kind of reinforcement or iron or any other structural element that can make your house stable and not collapse. And they come out with the drawings on this to help the builder on site to do their job effectively.

(7) Mechanical Engineer

These people take care of the mechanical aspects of the building, especially large projects, deliver detailed and specified drawings about the plumbing work in the building, the plumbers work with them and help carry out the instructions for the good of the project.

(8) Electrical engineer

As the word implies, they make sure that the house is properly lit. Dangerous electrical connections have killed several people. I will advise you to have the electrical engineer in your plans when embarking on a construction project. They instruct the electrician at large project sites.

(9) The builders

These are one of the most important professionals in the construction industry, sadly Nigeria today is a case of dog eat dog. A situation where you claim that you can do someone else’s work and there is no law to discourage you against such spoofing which is what we are seeing in the construction industry in the presence. “Building collapse” The builder is trained to make or execute on site or transform or make real on site the drawings and intentions of all other construction professionals, whether they are Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and the Electric. Engineer. Your duty is to ensure that all artisans or workers on site perform their work effectively. Unfortunately, all the unemployed people with some money in Nigeria now claim to be building contractors and people, out of ignorance, don’t even know the difference.

Even other professionals are also fighting for the work of others. A situation where a planner or surveyor claims that they can design a house plan for you or when a surveyor is doing a builder’s work will not give you the best you deserve. A construction contractor yes, he is important in a construction industry, but his job is not to bypass any professional, but rather he must work with the professionals or consult with them to carry out the project effectively, except if the contractor he is a professional. They are probably the ones who finance the construction project at times, but to get a very good job you have to insist on knowing the professional with whom they will work.

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