Rodeo setup for board games

While board games can take various approaches to their themes and settings, one area that is often overlooked is professional sports. Many people don’t think about adapting a game that already exists in a board game environment. However, in addition to that, professional sporting events that are not as popular as, say, soccer or baseball tend to get overlooked even more. It’s probably safe to venture that most people wouldn’t even think that the rodeo circuit produces great potential for board games. However, rodeo board games can provide some of the strongest thrills to be found in the board game community.

One might be confused on how a game based on riding, tethering or fighting with a steer could translate well into a board game, but it takes the same approach as a board game about car racing. Driving a car down a track is a very different cry from sitting around a table and rolling dice and playing cards, but both racing and rodeo provide the same kind of excitement that can be put to good use with a board game.

Rodeo Time is one of these board games that takes full advantage of what the rodeo circuit has to offer. It is a game that is open to all ages, allowing young children to play alongside older grandparents, including everyone in between. The game simulates events such as calf rope, steer fighting, barrel racing, and even bull riding. A rodeo generally includes all of these events, sometimes even a few more, like the adult ox rope, rather than just trying to tie up the calves.

This game is played with a combination of dice and cards, providing an element of random luck that helps younger players meet the challenges that may come their way. Throwing three dice on the game board will help players ride the bulls, but they must be careful. If they go wrong, they will be rejected and will get a zero in that event! Also, the cards will help any player to score well in timed events like rope, but drawing or playing the wrong card can add terrible time penalties to the score! Only by playing with his luck and being cunning, a player will get the best score in all his categories.

Championship Rodeo is another board game that gives players the opportunity to compete in the professional rodeo market without leaving the comfort of their own homes. This game simulates what it is like for the player to be part of the rodeo circuit, sending them across the board to compete in different rodeos and do well. If a player performs well enough in all the different rodeos on the circuit, they will not only win prize money and trophies, they will also qualify to participate in the final of the Rodeo World Championship. The player will continue to compete in this rodeo and if he scores good enough, he will be named World Rodeo Champion!

Rodeo Opoly is another game of its kind related to rodeos. This game has been published by a firm called Late For The Sky. The game is similar to the well-known Monopoly game. However, the theme here is Rodeos. So, you have to buy rodeo properties and collect something called ‘scores’. You can exchange these scores for gold rings. And the number of gold rings you have determines the amount of rent you can charge for your properties. In short, a fun game for people interested in horses.

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