Social Media Magazines: A New Ingredient To The Marketing Mix

What marketing avenues are you using to make customers aware of your products and services? Are you increasing the creative component of your marketing strategy? Do you think social media magazines will fit into your marketing program?

By examining the ingredients of inbound marketing, we discover up-to-date ways to advertise and reach our target audience. Inbound marketing includes social media, feedback marketing, quality article marketing, video marketing, content marketing, and mobile marketing. Inbound marketers are finding new visibility opportunities in the social marketing loop. A new mobile marketing niche designed to build consumer relationships is through social media magazines.

Social media magazines are enhanced with advanced technology that allows the reader to experience high-quality content with easy-to-use multimedia capabilities. Content published on this media is automatically formatted in your mobile device’s web browser in a print-like setting.

Radio, television, magazines, direct mail, and newspapers (or ROPs) are the traditional promotional components of a company’s marketing plan. Each element carries substantial costs, some more than others. Typically, companies would strategically place their promotional dollars in areas that could generate high visibility at a prime location or time. The four tactical components of a marketing mix would consist primarily of price, place, product, and promotion. This traditional use of product promotion is classified as outbound marketing.

Marketing managers can no longer rely on the usual credit billing inserts, direct mail, trade shows, email blasts, telemarketing, or cold calling to give you a substantial return on investment (ROI). If you’re a die-hard outbound marketer, you need to incorporate more inbound marketing elements into your marketing mix. It’s a fraction of the advertising costs of traditional marketing, although you have to spend more time to increase your brand visibility. The time you spend constructively and creatively reaching your customers through interactive channels will pay off in the end.

With the rise in mobile subscribers, businesses are riding the wave of digitally connecting to this segment of the social media population. Mobile penetration through portable devices such as Apple’s iPad, iPhone, tablets and other smartphones offers the potential for a lucrative marketing opportunity. The promotional component of the marketing mix is ‚Äč‚Äčconstantly evolving. A business or non-profit organization can no longer think outside the box, but it has to go outside the box entirely. New unconventional marketing strategies are changing the face of advertising communications every day. Social media magazines are making a game changer in the mobile marketing revolution.

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