Soundclick Designs, Beats For Sale: My Muzic Image Review

Producers who use Soundclick to sell beats online know that having a strong online presence and brand is important. When someone visits a music producer’s sound click page, they initially look for two things. The first is high-quality sound click beats. Next is a clean and aesthetically pleasing visual presence or overall image. If a producer’s layout is clean and the instruments are of industry-standard quality, it’s easy for recording artists to download beats.

When I started my music production business in March 2010, I didn’t have a strong presence on Soundclick. I was using a free basic layout and I wasn’t getting a lot of web traffic to my Soundclick page or people buying my beats. In the summer of 2010, I was lucky enough to meet Christopher Perkins in my phone contacts (owner of Perkins is a very talented graphic designer and animator.

To start selling beats online, I upgraded my Soundclick account from the basic account to the VIP account. This allowed for further customization of my Soundclick page where people could download my beats. I asked a close friend to give me a basic design to get started.

This is what the first Soundclick design looked like

After speaking with Perkins, he said that he had no experience making Soundclick designs for beatmakers or producers, however he said that he would use the knowledge he had gained from his education to prepare a design for me.

This was his first design for me that included flash animation.

After he created this design for me, I started to see a slight increase in my website traffic, but I still didn’t have any top sales. I was making progress, but nothing substantial. Perkins was very easy to work with and he was business oriented throughout this process. Their exchange rate was super fast.

Based on my first experience with him, I decided to request his services again for another Soundclick design in late summer 2011. I described what I wanted and allowed him to take creative control.

This was the next design that Perkins prepared.

I was very satisfied with the design. Perkins designed the layout exactly as I described it. He became a gentleman and scholar again and provided prompt service.

After using this design, I started to see an almost immediate increase in web traffic and also made my first instrumental sale with this design.

I kept using this design until about the first of the year (2011) when I decided I was ready for a design change once more.

Guess who I called?

Perkins complied once more!

I was very pleased with how quickly this design was made given the immense detail and time required to put it together!

Here is my latest Perkins Soundclick design

The service as always was excellent!

Overall, and Perkins have done an outstanding job providing excellent web design and customer service. I now use Perkins and for all my company’s branding and graphic design needs. I am also pleased to say that with his latest design I have sold over $ 1000 worth of rhythms and instrumentals to artists, companies and singers around the world. I highly recommend Perkins services!

If you are interested in Soundclick designs, logos, brochures or any form of graphic design or animation, please visit the Perkins website at

I plan to be a customer for life!

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