The 50 greatest white rappers of all time

Through 27 years of being an avid hip hop fan, I decided to compile a list of the 50 Baddest White Boys for everyone who holds the mic. I know white rappers get a bad rap sometimes! This article and the list are my personal opinion, but I think it’s a good place on the list. This is not in any particular order and I couldn’t put EVERYONE here so I used my best judgment from mainstream to underground music.

Again, this HAS NO PARTICULAR ORDER! Just a list of 50.

1 Eminem: Hate him or love him, he’s lyrically crazy and he’s one of the greatest rappers of all time.

2 Slug – again … hate him or love him, he’s lyrically crazy and one of the greatest white MCs of all time.

3 EL-P – tremendous MC. End of story … DO NOT wait! Maybe the top 3 white MCs of all time!

4 Cage: He started out as a great MC, now he’s even better than that.

5 Copywrite: does anyone need a joke? The resplendent sound of Ohio!

6 MC Chris – nerdy? Yes! Skills? Yes, and it is also quite entertaining.

7 Necro -The devil with a microphone! Necro took Horrorcore to another level!

8 Adeem: From MC battles to albums, Glue is the man. Great live performances too.

9 3rd Bass – ballast don’t forget about our history folks! The first to put Vanilla Ice in Blast! Pop pop goes the …

10 Aesop Rock – In conversation for the 3 best white boys ever!

11 Devilish – Complete arrogance, can back up every word you spit out! Battles or wax!

12 Sage Francis – The John Lennon of Hip Hop. Dynamic, creative and one of the best of all time!

13 Vinnie Paz – Yes, he has crazy abilities and may have the mind control of a JEDI!

14 Okwerdz -Battle rappers can’t make music? It’s starting to turn that tide and help bring Cali back!

15 Apathy – Assistant at the microphone ,. Ingenious, robust, whatever it takes. It does!

16 Ill Bill – Brother of Necro, what do you expect besides sick and wicked rhymes on the mic?

17 DZK – Mr. Internet beat his fans 1 at a time, the old-fashioned way! When it’s on, it’s beast mode!

18 Haystak: He earned all his stripes the hard way. Many years and many albums. Also LOTS of Fans!

19 Eyedea – Wow! From the humble beginnings of Scribble Jam to flawless albums! The eye is the man!

20 Beastie Boys – once again, don’t forget our past! Some true classic albums to his credit!

21 Mac Lethal – Do they rap in Kansas City? Brilliant song delivery and writing! Not bad in battle either!

22 Jamie Madrox -The Baddest Lyricist on Psychopathic Records! This is not a trick! You have skills for days!

23 Esoteric: creative, witty and true lyricist.

24 The Saurus: a multitude of battle raps. Some good songs too. Helping to pave the return of the fresh coast!

25 Lil Wyte – Selling over 250,000 independent songs from his debut album without marketing! Game over!

26 Dirtball – Now officially a member of KMK, they will continue to dazzle fans with solid material.

27 Ra The Rugged Man – This man is always underrated! It is a real beast!

28 Grayskul – Perhaps unknown to some of you, very skilled MC.

29 Ryu – Demigodz – He and the rest of his team just kill microphones

30 Mini Thin – What are they putting in the moonlight in West Virginia? This hillbilly rapper melts microphones!

31 Celph Titled – Often overlooked and underrated, it’s a complete pen and delivery package. A credit to FL.

32 JoJo Pellingrino -I haven’t heard from Joey in a while, but he’s posted a lot of solid stuff in New York.

33 Alchemist – Producer Extraordinary and also burns the mic with heat.

34 Blaze Ya Dead Homie – Another solid psychopathic artist. Never sleep with this boy!

35 Remedy – White boy in the Wu Tang Clan? Nuff said!

36 Big B – Great MC who has carved out a very nice lane. Truly talented! A jewel of the left coast!

37 Illmaculate – One of the sickest battle MCs ever and his songs just keep getting louder!

38 YelaWolf – The only guy in Alabama that is loud and STRONG! You have skill and resourcefulness for days!

39 Prozak – Strange Music! How can you argue with any of the skills that come from that camp!

40 Kno – Cunninlynguists- Versatility, humor, stage presence and kill the mic!

41 Evidence – Dialated Peoples – Impressive abilities in every way. Solid Resume and Representative!

42 Bubba Sparxxx – I haven’t heard much from him lately, although he has. Truly talented.

43 Asher Roth – Please don’t judge this guy on his first album. Their free styles are better than that!

44 Iron Solomon – NY Battle Don! Some solid tracks and commanding presence!

45 Non Phixion – If you don’t know, then you’ve been hiding under a rock!

46 The Streets – The only non-American on the list. (UK) Some people don’t get it, I do!

47 Boondox – The Georgia scarecrow, when on, the track is killed and is psycho.

48 Yak Ballz – Excellent delivery, punches and comedic flow. Great MC.

49 Paul Wall – Mr. Bling Grill put out some solid stuff. I haven’t heard much in a while, although it had its time!

50 Kottonmouth Kings – ICP’s West Shores version, but it raps so much better and goes up so much higher!

So that’s my top 50 white MC list. Some you surely know, some you might be sleeping with, I promise you all on this are top-notch and worth a listen or buy an album. I would appreciate anyone else’s comments and perspective on who to add to the list.

Stay tuned for some of my future articles, the worst rappers of all time! Top 10 Lyricists of All Time, Greatest Flop Albums of All Time, and Top 10 Female MCs of All Time!

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