The 7 best things for breakfast

Many people say that breakfast is their most important meal. And it’s probably true because you need to get off to a good start after sleeping through the night. Breakfast helps you start the day.

But it is essential not only to make sure you eat breakfast, but also to have the best possible breakfast. So here is a list of, in my opinion, the seven best things for breakfast.

1. Fruit. For example, bananas, grapefruits, oranges, apples, and even watermelons. Fruits contain a lot of fiber and help you lose weight.

2. Vegetables. Although most people don’t think of vegetables as a true breakfast food, they are actually very nutritious and high in fiber. Vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and beets can be made into smoothies for breakfast.

3 eggs. Over the years, eggs have gotten a bad rap for cholesterol problems. But really, eggs are very healthy for you. They contain the “good” type of cholesterol that does not raise people’s cholesterol as many fear. They have protein and they are quite abundant. Also, there are many ways to prepare eggs, as you probably know.

4. Yogurt. Yogurt is easy to eat because it comes in those little cups that you can buy at the store. Greek yogurt is quite nutritious as it contains protein and helps you lose weight. Many Greek yogurts contain mixed fruits, but make sure the yogurt contains live cultures, which should say on the label.

5. Oatmeal. Another relatively simple breakfast to make, and there are many different types to choose from. Oatmeal contains fiber, which can help give you that feeling of fullness for much of the day. It is also useful for lowering cholesterol.

6. Whole wheat pancakes. The waffles are good too, even the French toast. Another very easy breakfast to make, as many brands come frozen and can be cooked in a microwave or toaster oven. But try to avoid sugary syrup; You can top waffles or pancakes with fruit, yogurt, or preserves.

7. Sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches can be part of a nutritious breakfast. But the bread must not be that cheap white bread; It should be a brand that says 100% whole grain. The sandwich can be peanut butter and jelly, but in both cases, read the labels. Peanut butter should have only nuts and salt or oil as an ingredient, nothing more; they are more expensive, but they are worth it. Jellies or preserves should also contain only fruit.

Bonus Item: Coffee! There has been a lot of discussion these days about whether coffee is healthy or not. Generally speaking, it’s okay to have a cup for breakfast, but no more. And make sure you have a food to go with it, as mentioned above. Finally, be careful about adding too much cream or sugar to your coffee; try skim milk and very little sugar.

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast that doesn’t include foods like bagels, donuts, and the like can give your morning a significant boost, as well as the rest of the day.

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