The Canadian immigration process has been simplified

Canadian immigration has become very popular in recent years due to the high human development index of this country.

The Canadian government has also simplified the immigration process to Canada. It has introduced the Express Entry system whereby candidates are eligible based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) point structure. Under this system, almost 1200 points are available to candidates. 600 of these points are awarded if the candidate has a job offer or a nomination from a Canadian province (PNP, which stands for Provincial Nominee Program). Of the remainder, 600,500 points are awarded for the human capital factors of a candidate and / or their spouse which collectively imply their individual ages, language proficiency, education levels and Canadian work experience, if present. The remainder 100 out of 600 are available to those candidates who have the right combinations of skills transferability of the human capital factors mentioned above, for example, a good command of the language combined with work experience in the home country or Canadian work experience. more work experience in the country of origin.

It is important for a candidate to obtain an assessment of their educational levels. This is very important for candidates who have obtained their education outside of Canada.

It is also important for candidates who are about to complete their degrees to do so prior to obtaining their Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). ECA is important to candidates who have received their education outside of Canada. Help the Canadian government learn the value of education received outside of Canada. It is important to evaluate each and every post-secondary degree to get the most points available. Candidates can also earn extra points if they can earn a certificate of recognition from a province for a certain business qualification. Candidates who have the maximum points available under this point structure can expect immigration to Canada.

One way to increase your CRS score is to improve your language proficiency score (English or French). It may be by scoring higher on designated English language tests including CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) and IELTS, etc.

The educational credential evaluation is not required for candidates applying for Express Entry in the Canadian Experience class. But they can still increase their points by requesting the same. Said candidates can obtain an extra 200 points, 150 points can be awarded for ECA and an additional 50 for the experience carried out in the Canadian Experience class. With an undergraduate evaluation, a candidate can earn an extra nearly 170 bonus points. So, make sure that by following all these conditions, you can get maximum points and get immigration to Canada.

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