The Role of a Company’s Mission and Vision Statement in Increasing Company Profits

Any business you start should have a mission and vision statement. This statement may not be the owner’s current concern, but failing to make one will definitely give your future customers a general idea of ​​where your business is headed.

What is its importance? Have you heard the saying, “You won’t know how to get to your destination if you don’t know how to get there”? This quote is usually attributed to planning. But planning involves a specific set of goals and objectives. Without a properly delineated goal, one is lost where his actions are leading. The plan serves as a roadmap for you and your objectives or mission serves as a guide. The vision is what you want to achieve, staying focused on the goals and plans to achieve that vision.

Did you know that your company mission statement says almost everything about your company that consumers don’t need to bother reading your company profile? Take, for example, the business of marketing and selling soy candles. Not everyone may have heard of your product, but any new company will be known for what they contain and offer their products with the use of each consumer.

With the prevalence of environmental pollution and awareness of wellness being promoted around the world, people are striving to use environmentally safe products, thereby promoting wellness. Environmental conservation enthusiasts will always look for ways to minimize their share in contributing to the total pollution the world is creating. Health and wellness consumers, such as those who frequent the spa and saunas, will at some point appreciate the scent of the candles during their massage session. Naturally, they will ask for your name and source. Where does your mission and, consequently, your vision fit in?

When stating your mission or your company’s goals, let’s take for example: promoting environmental soundness and holistic well-being – you are expressing in a simple sentence a company that is health-oriented and, at the same time, responsible. Your product, as in this case, further confirms this mission statement. Consists, right? As such, if in case your vision statement was to be the nation or the world’s leading supplier of aromatherapy equipment and supplies, that wouldn’t be a confusing dream after all, would it?

Going back to that situation where the health spa client asked about the source of the scented candles, the assistant and therapist may not have direct access to you as a provider, but are given knowledge about what those candles contain . This is to affirm your company’s dedication to wellness, which means more consumers for your products. Rest assured, however, this is a strategy for these health clubs as part of their customer return programs. More customers for your health and wellness clubs enjoying your eco-friendly scented candles also means more consumers for you as your preferred supplier in that regard. This means more revenue and profit for your company, thus validating that your map and guiding light, which are symbolized by your mission and marketing plans, are the right combination for the successful achievement of your company’s vision.

And now, let me ask you, where are you headed?

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