The spiritual master Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu is a teacher who perfected himself over many lifetimes and finally achieved his ascension. After ascension, a soul is no longer required to incarnate in physical form. A study of the lives of spiritual teachers like Lao Tzu helps us understand what is required for this level of true self-mastery.

Lao Tzu was born sometime between 600 and 300 BC. Popular traditions say that he was conceived when his mother looked at a shooting star. This is similar to the stories of miraculous conceptions and births of other great spiritual leaders.

Lao Tzu had a large number of students and disciples during his life. Whether he ever ran a school is open to speculation. Lao Tzu appears to have worked as a custodian of the royal court archives when he was young. This allowed him to read the works of the Yellow Emperor and other Chinese classics.

Finally, Lao Tzu got tired of life in the city. Legend holds that he then lived as a hermit for almost a century. Upon returning to the city, he was recognized by a guard who asked Lao Tzu to write a book explaining the wisdom he had acquired during his loneliness. This was the legendary origin of the Tao Te Ching.

One of the fundamental principles of the Tao Te Ching is literally “no action”. This core concept is similar to other spiritual practices such as meditation that attempt to empty the mind of bodily awareness and thought. The Tao Te Ching has become one of the most important spiritual classics in Chinese history.

According to the Tao Te Ching, human beings are one of the 10,000 manifestations of the universal source of life. Lao Tzu is traditionally considered to be the founder of Taoism. Some analysts see Taoism as a religion that specifically addresses the pursuit of immortality. Taoism has now become a pantheon of deities with Lao Tzu himself, the Jade Emperor, and close associates at the top.

As an ascended master, Lao Tzu is considered to be a master of God’s wisdom. It serves in the yellow ray, which is associated with the crown chakra and the color yellow. In a HeartStream on December 19, 2005, he spoke through Messenger David C. Lewis:

I wrap you in the Tao of my causal body. Yes, I am an promoted being. Do you feel the glow of my heart in the center of my presence? You have overcome all that is outside of Tao. In the wind you hear my voice. In my voice the wind speaks. Within this town that comes to receive blessing and a certain cleansing action from its auric emanations, there resides a simplicity in the now of knowing inner silence. And then you see these people walking the streets, coming and going without fanfare, without excess talk. Because they have walked in our schools and have seen the advantages of the golden silence of being.

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