The Wagon Wheel: Method to Drive Traffic, Improve SEO and Become Invaluable to Your Client

One of the most important keys to internet marketing is actively seeking out and engaging with your customers, both new and potential. This means not just optimizing your website and content, or putting up a social media page, writing an article, or buying advertising. It means you have to research your customers, know what they’re doing online and what they’re looking for, as well as give them multiple points of interest and access to you.

In this article, we will discuss a method we call “The Cartwheel”. This is a way to create those multiple touchpoints and funnel visitors to a centralized location like your website. In addition, the spokes of our wheel will come together to further strengthen the effectiveness and attract even more attention from both the human user and the search engines.

the center

This is the final location where your internet traffic gets into real action. In almost all cases, this is your company’s website. There are exceptions to this, however. If you don’t have a website for some reason, you can use your Facebook fan page, for example.

The point is that we need to make sure that the hub is configured correctly and is doing its job well. This may sound simple, but it can get very complex. First of all, it must somehow reflect all the information published on the spokes of the wheel of our chariot. We’ll go into details there in a moment. Your hub should be configured with text, images, video, and audio to create a desire in the visitor to take some kind of action.

This could be buying from your online store, joining your newsletter, entering your name and email to get a free offer, contacting you with questions, creating a membership, or learning about a new product or service your company is offering to the world. real. It really depends on you.

Just remember, a first-time visitor to your website may not be ready to buy yet. So give them multiple options to bond with you. This way, your company will join them and you can continue to market them and prepare them to pull that final trigger.

the spokes

This is where you have many options to put points of contact in the cyber world. This is where you will essentially cast a net to catch the attention of those billions of swimming internet fish. This is the active part of the wheel.

To get started, choose at least 6 different methods. Six different places or categories online to post, interact and promote yourself. You can choose from areas such as: article writing, blogging, social media marketing, video marketing, discussion forum posting, paid advertising, free advertising, info graphic posting, guest blogging, commenting, press releases or writing an electronic magazine or newsletter. .

These are just some examples. To be clear, let’s say we chose articles, blogs, forums, videos, social media, and pay-per-click advertising as our six spokes. You can choose more, but at least six are recommended.

So what we would do is continue to write a series of articles with at least three variations to post on sites like EzineArticles, articlebase, amazines or buzzle. Simultaneously, we would create a blog for ourselves where we would post helpful information, tips and tricks, as well as links or copy-paste other online content that would be of interest to our readers. Make sure that when you do this, you give credit to the source.

As part of our third speech, we would find a couple of discussion forums related to what we do in our company. We can then post questions, answer others’ questions, and add updates and other information there as well. In addition, we have created a YouTube channel and post useful videos that talk about what we do, useful information and related news. We would also set up a Google AdWords account and display ads that link directly to our website.

Finally, for our last pitch, we want to set up a Facebook and LinkedIn account, at a minimum. Depending on what you do, you may also want a Twitter, FourSquare, Pinterest, and Instagram account. This is where we can go a little further than just posting information. We can use these resources to gather fans and friends, post upcoming events and special offers, and link up with all of our other radios and hubs as often as we like. Which brings us to the final part of our wagon wheel:


The rim of our wheel is what ties everything together. This is where we link all of our spokes, and not just our hub. By doing this, we create a cross-flow of traffic that will build on itself and push more and more traffic into our hub. This is also great for search engine rankings.

This can be a daunting task, even with only six radios. This is where we have to take an active role. To promote all other radios in all other radios. Provide customers with multiple avenues to learn, research, and engage. While this is a simple task, don’t be fooled. It is one of the most important parts of our cart wheel.

You see, the point of this is to create an interconnected web presence that grabs the attention of people who are actively searching for content. Content is king. That’s what the internet is all about and what internet marketing is all about. But beyond just running ads for ourselves, active content marketing means providing people with truly useful information and methods to achieve more. This is one of the reasons why social networks should always be one of your radios.

If you follow this program, you will see some very solid results over time. Your website traffic numbers will grow, your search engine rankings will grow, and you will become more and more of a resource for existing and potential customers. And when that happens, believe it or not, they will start promoting you on their own. And nothing is better than that.

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