Top 10 BBQ grill tools to keep on hand

These are the 12 grilling tools that no cook can do without. Most of the gadgets are basic, inexpensive, and not that fancy, but they’ll help you get where you want to go … and that’s barbecue and grill perfection.

The first tip for using these devices is to have them within easy reach of the grill before starting to cook. Organization is key to producing quality grilled food.

1) Butane Lighter: Forget having to search for matches again. With a long handle and long nose, the butane lighter makes it safer, easier to use, and easier to find than matches.

2) Meat thermometer: having to repeatedly open the grill lid to verify that it is done causes it to lose heat and increases the cooking time. Have a digital probe roast thermometer. This stays in the meat during cooking and allows you to read the temperature without lifting the lid.

3) Chimney Starter: For those with a charcoal grill, a chimney starter is a must. All you do is place the charcoal on top of the starter, roll up some newspaper, and glue it to the bottom. Place the fireplace lighter on the food rack and light the newspaper. As soon as the coals are done, just pour them onto the grill.

4) Grill Tongs – Helps you flip food without piercing. The best grill tongs have long handles and spring hinges.

5) Timer – A standard kitchen timer is all you need to avoid overcooking your grilled food.

6) Spray Brush or Mop: Use a spray brush to apply sauces to meats without keeping the grill lid open for long periods of time. A brush with natural bristles works well too.

7) Metal spatula: a long-handled spatula with a wide stainless steel blade. It is one of the most essential grilled items. Perfect for flipping large cuts of meat.

8) Long Handle Fork – This helps lift large cuts of meat or poultry off the grill. Never pierce the meat until it has finished cooking, as the juices will drain onto the grill.

9) BBQ Gloves – Flame retardant gloves protect your hands when working with the grill and hot embers.

10) Wire Grill Brush: A stiff wire brush allows for quick cleaning of food grates before the grill cools down.

Often times, you can find many of these grill tools inside a barbecue set. Buy a good grill set and keep the tools clean and ready for when you’re ready to grill.

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