Top 10 Symbian Apps For Your Symbian Phone

Symbian is one of the most trusted and widely used mobile operating systems. The biggest brand in cell phones, Nokia uses Symbian and so do some of the phones in Sony Ericsson’s stable, like the Sony Vivaz. Let’s take a look at the top ten Symbian apps that you should have on your phone:

1. Google Search Client: Compared to standard Google search from your mobile phone, Symbian’s Google Search Client can deliver faster results and displays search results in a mobile-friendly, readable format.

2. Fring: Download Fring for Symbian as a centralized chat platform where you can integrate famous chat programs like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, ICQ, etc. You can also make VOIP calls wherever you can get a Wi-Fi network. You can make cheap international calls through Skype at cheap rates

3. Opera Mini Browser: Opera Mini browser as we know is the best mobile browser and it can work smoothly for your Symbian device. You can also zoom in and out of pages, page loading is faster, and there is also a download and upload manager available. You can also save pages offline to read them later.

4. Handy Taskman: Handy Taskman gives you the option to open a taskbar and find out what apps are running at any given time. You can also see how much CPU power is being consumed by each app and allows you to close each one with a single click.

5. ShozuL – Trust Shozu as your favorite video uploader for Symbian mobile phones. You can upload videos as images to famous websites like YouTube and Flickr. You can also categorize and tag the images or videos. Go through the app and find out which websites are supported to upload. It is a versatile program, you can also browse the mobile network or do other things with your mobile while the photo or video is loading.

6. Google Maps: Download the Google Maps application, as it can be quite useful. You can find information such as the turn-by-turn direction to the destination you are looking for; Get access to a local business or office.

7. Nokia Sports Tracker: Nokia Sports Tracker helps walkers, athletes, cyclists, etc. to keep track of their average speed, the total distance they have traveled and the altitude they have traveled. You can also show your training routes to your friends through the Facebook application or through Google Earth. A very good app for anyone who loves outdoor adventures and workouts.

8. SkyFire: SkyFire is second only to the Opera Mini browser, but what makes SkyFire a very good alternative is that it’s particularly good for watching online videos.

9. Active Notes – This note-taking app can be an extension of your brain, where you can take plain text notes, along with images, video clips, sound clips, business cards, and other such devices.

10. Yahoo-Go – One of the best apps ever, Yahoo Go has plenty of widgets that can help you check email, get the latest news, weather in your location, stock news and tips, and much more.

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