Virtual Assistants: The Secret Behind Successful Executives, Startups, and Small Businesses

As an executive, you have many things to do and even more to accomplish. Along with the main jobs, you also have various support tasks such as online research, presentations, necessary shopping, recruiting, and accounting. You want to focus on a more profitable job, but these little tasks are time consuming, and TIME IS PRECIOUS.

Here comes the Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant is not a robot or a machine like the Google Assistant. He is a human being who understands urgency, captures details, prioritizes tasks, offers intelligent help to help you achieve your goal.

Here are some important tasks that can be delegated to virtual assistants:

Organize your files and data

Every day we create and work with many files and folders. We collect reports and data that should be consulted at a later time. Organizing files and keeping data in the proper search format is a full-time job. You can explain this to your VA and he / she will take care of it. They will organize your files; keep it in the proper folders and save time for more important jobs.

Customer Support

You may need to contact customer service and spend a lot of time waiting or being kept on hold. Ask the VA to do this job for you and save time.

On the other hand, you may also have some clients to support who are important and need to be prioritized, but due to lack of time you cannot spend enough time with them. Ask the VA to provide priority assistance to these customers, respond immediately, help them understand the product, and resolve their queries at the appropriate level or go to the next level.


You have a lot of receipts and invoices that need to be put into a spreadsheet or compiled properly. You can send your receipts, invoices, or other expense details to your VA to put into Excel or another tool and do what is necessary for you. If you leave them unattended for a long time, they will cause unnecessary headaches and stress.

Book Appointments / Online Shopping

You can ask your VA to make appointments and reservations for you. The VA will make reservations and update your calendar so you don’t miss out. If mutual trust develops, you can also ask them to shop online for you or your small business. The VA will do what is necessary and share the report with you.

Online research:

For any business or personal purpose, you may need to do some research online to find a good application for your business, a wonderful product for your company, a great gift for your close and dear ones, some writing materials, some articles to share with your colleagues, or anything other than this, you can simply instruct your VA and he / she will carry out the research for you and present the material in a professional and sophisticated way, saving you a lot of time.

Commercial presentations

You have to make a presentation for your business, but you also have many other things to do. Give your VA the idea and ask them to research, compile, and put up a PPT presentation for your review. You can make changes based on your needs and this is DONE.

Recruitment and team support

As an executive, you also need to recruit and support your team. Get help from your VA in finding Resume DB, arrange interviews, and follow up with candidates. You can also ask your VA to support your team when needed and save your team’s collective time.

Translation and bilingual support

If you or your company is located in a bilingual region or you have clients in foreign countries, you can enlist the help of your bilingual virtual assistant to help you and your team with translation work and provide bilingual support with business documentation.

Data entry

Data entry, for personal or business purposes, is required on a regular basis, but it is also less productive and more time-consuming work. You can’t get rid of it, but you can definitely ask your VA to help you complete the task for you.

Drafting and review

You can ask your VA to prepare materials or write blogs and articles for you based on your needs. You can then put your finishing touch on it and post it. Or you can write yourself and ask the VA to check grammar, sentence structure, and other things. The VA can use tools like Grammerly and send you the finished article, ready for publication.

News monitoring, summary and clipping service

Share your interests and needs, languages ​​and locations, and the VA or your team will monitor news, articles, and essays published in that language and location and share a summary with you. A VA language expert will do the clipping services for you. A large amount of valuable data and useful information can be collected for personal or business use.

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