Wedding details: how much to wear and when

The bride glides down the aisle, her white dress gleaming in the dim candlelight. The groom and his assistants add contrast to the traditional black tuxedos. The bride’s maids and bridesmaids sport long soft blue ballet dresses. The ring bearer and the flower girl laugh as they move alongside the adults.

The above paragraph contains picture-filled details. Any reader can “see” the bride’s journey down the aisle. However, are the details that readers want given? Words add nothing but unnecessary filler to a newspaper bill. For a story, the information can add the necessary atmosphere, but it could be a distraction that stops the flow of the story. The details given would not help to prepare the wedding. Let’s examine, based on purpose, what details are needed in a wedding.

First of all newspaper articles They need the facts, just the facts, as Sergeant Joe Friday said in the Dredge Serie. The data related to a wedding includes several things: the names of the bride and groom, the names of their parents, their cities of origin, the names of the attendees, a brief description of the dresses and some other personal details, such as where the couple works. or where you go to college. . Images, such as those found in poetry, are avoided.

In a diary or journal entry, any kind of detail you want can be used generously. Images, atmosphere, thoughts, feelings, or moods are vital additions to such writing. The writer can pour each and every print, as well as the physical details, into words to record them.

Stories of other types only need the amount of detail to give readers a mental image required for the purpose of the plot. A writer must avoid information that could derail the flow of the story. If the reader were to skip the exhibit, then the details are not necessary and are a wasted effort. The word painting of a wedding should be as long as necessary and include enough detail for the reader to “see” the event to the extent required for the story to be complete.

Details must be exact and listed for the actual wedding preparation. Someone, usually the wedding planner (be it a paid professional, a friend of the bride, or even the bride herself) keeps track of what needs to be done and it has been completed. The wedding planner may have a list while the bride has another, a personal one. Keeping track of details before the wedding makes the event more seamless.

Therefore, the specifics have their place, planning a wedding rather than writing about it. The purpose is what determines the scope of the information used. A “detailed” wedding plan results in a perfect or near perfect wedding. Too detailed a press release could mean an unprinted article. Too much detail can stop the flow of a story.

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