Why is it so hot to date an older woman – I was seduced by an older woman – It was fabulous

Why date an older woman?

I was seduced by a 42 year old horny mother and wife when I was an 18 year old insurance salesman. Read my true story explicit and without restrictions. Links to my true sexual confession are at the end of this article.

Cougar dating is now very much in the public arena. Only recently, an older woman dating a younger guy was taboo, but an older man dating, courting, and marrying a younger woman has always been accepted.

Sure, we go to the trouble and joke about the older man who has 1) a nice personality, 2) a large bank balance, 3) a large penis, or 4) near death, to justify why such a young woman wants to hang out with an old jerk! But in the end, an older man with a younger woman is quite socially acceptable.

Mature dating | Thrills of dating a cougar

One of the main differences between cougar dating and a younger woman with an older man is the issue of commitment. In many cases, the older man will eventually marry his young girlfriend and possibly start a family.

While cougar dating is now quite common and there are plenty of cougar singles looking for younger guys, it’s still a bit of fun for both the older woman and the younger guy! The benefits of dating a cougar are generally limited to having fun in and out of the bedroom.

Dating older girls | Who is a cougar?

Single Cougars tend to be financially stable, fit, healthy, and mostly attractive divorcees. They are generally confident, self-assured, and sexually aggressive, which is extremely attractive to many young people, myself included.

Cougar dating excites most young guys, called ‘cubs’ because the older woman is not looking for a long-term relationship. It sometimes happens when a cub and a cougar establish a serious relationship, but mostly it is a mutually beneficial short-term affair.

There are many benefits of dating a cougar for the guy, but there are also many positives for cougar singles. She can really be herself and enjoy the sexual freedom that she lost when she was younger. You can rule out adjusting to public perception and being the woman you want to be. He raised a family and now is ‘his’ time to have fun. She is flattered to be desired by a young, virile, horny, passionate and well-equipped man (I don’t mean to brag, but there he is), who is fun to be with and wants to be with her. Disclaimer: I asked three cougars I dated, and they all said the same thing.

Date with an older baby | What’s in it for the puppy?

For the cub, cougar dating offers a great way to learn and the perfect skills for dealing with women in general and puts him in a fabulous position for a fulfilling relationship in the future. The puppy will learn to please a woman sexually and to respect and honor her needs and desires. He will be a better man!

… And the cougar?

For the mature woman who doesn’t want to settle down yet, cougar dating is the perfect way to seek male companionship. You can enjoy the puppy’s company and move on when the relationship is over. Both the cub and the cougar have had a fun and satisfying time together.

Dating a cougar | Final thoughts

A word of caution is worth remembering when dating cougars. It is important to note that both the cub and the cougar are human. When single cougars and cubs are having fun and spending time together, there is a chance that a strong bond will form. Good sex, great company, great laugh, good communication lead to an emotional connection, and perhaps even love.

If you both agree with that, great! But always be clear when it comes to cougar dating to communicate where you expect the relationship to go.

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